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Method of Paragraph Development by CLASSIFICATION

           Classifying is the grouping together of items/ objects according to a given basis. In classifying, it is important to consider the similarities of objects and dividing them according to their differences.

           Mills and Waters (1980) in Igoy et. al. defined classification as almost any act of noting relationships; the act of locating a specimen of all the different kinds of objects which possess a given characteristics.


            "Each of Jamaica's four great gardens, although established along similar principles, has acquired its own distinctive aura. Hope Gardens, in the heart of Kingston, evokes postcard pictures from the 1950s of public parks, gracious and vaguely suburban and filled with familiar favorites--lantana and marigolds--as well as exotics. Bath has retained its Old World character; it is the easiest to conjure as it must have looked in Bligh's time. Cinchona of the clouds is otherworldly. And Castleton, the garden established to replace Bath, fleetingly evokes that golden age of Jamaican tourism, when visitors arrived in their own yachts--the era of Ian Fleming and Noel Coward, before commercial air travel unloaded ordinary mortals all over the island." (Caroline Alexander, "Captain Bligh's Cursed Breadfruit." The Smithsonian, Sep. 2009)


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  4. Good evening. Please post your paragraphs under the right topic. For this part, write a paragraph classifying your classmates with regards to their behavior.Compose it using Bob ong's style in ABNKKBSA N PL AKO.

  5. Hello and good evening ma'am! :D Does it mean that we need to write it in a jejemon form like that? Or we need to write it in a classifed form showing the level of reading behavior of our classmates? Thank you ma'am :D

  6. Everyone is different from each other. We might have similarities but we are different. We fairly made by God. Some people are idolized by their own skills. Like us we have our own talents. We may be much better than the actresses and actors but they are popular because they make their ways to get there. There are influencing people that we knew. We might think that we are a better person than them but why don't we make ways to be known well. People have the rights. People are the same but we have differences that made each of us UNIQUE..

    Mara Janel A. Imperial
    BA Comm IB

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  8. Bob-Ong huh?

    Let's make this as it was in the "Book".

    In the class i belong, the Comm1-A... like any other All-Filipino class, there are those students that falls in different classification in the famous school life.

    Let's begin.

    "The Hunksilogs"
    Classification- "Homo Sapiens Self obsessedis"
    Type- Parasite

    Usually found at the back of the room holding mirrors and cellphones talking to the "the Hot and Spicy with a Pinch of Sour". Really handsome, self obsessed, mostly empty headed.(peace to all Hunksilogs, i mean no harm)

    "The Hot and Spicy with a Pinch of Sour"
    Classification- "Kiritensis Sa mga Hunksilogis"
    Type- Parasite, Addicted

    They're the really hot and really sexy girls in the classroom. You'll usually find them talking with each other, gossiping about they're boyfriends(yes "boyfriends"), "Kristine" or "Ilumina", and the Drama Movie they recently watched. (word of advice, you'll get headache when you talk to them)

    "The Nerds"
    Classification- they're just brains that grew bodies
    Type-Host for parasites

    They are the, of course, most intelligent living organism in the classroom. Thick eyeglass, with ,mostly braces, is their style. Reading Encyclopedias and Dictionaries is their hobby. Wikipedia is their social network site.
    (word of advice, they talk really fast so you'll need a scientific calculator or a super computer to decode what they said)

    "the Emo'
    Classification- Emo
    Type- Emo

    Isolated from the world (class) wears black eyeliners, looks like thy're up all night, and speaks with their self.(word of advice you might get voodoo or something if you get too close to them)

    "the Other"
    Classification- others
    Type- others

    This is where I belong. Secretly cool, good in mostly all activities but doesn't show it off. Hates publicity, hates social activities, hates noisy people ("the hunksilogs" and "the Hot and Spicy with a Pinch of Sour"). Also called loner, different from emo, and sometimes called combination.

    I am glad to say that most of my classmates are the combination of either two or three of the above.

    I'm Andrian V. Sogocio, B.A. Communication 1-A, and I approve tis blog. (i'm such a line stealer)

  9. Sorry for the length, but 10 sentences isn't enough for this.

  10. Regine B. Macawili
    BA Comm 1B
    October 7, 2010

    Everyone of us had different characteristics and attitudes expressed, some are being hated by others. My classmates are nice to be with and to have bonding with them was my first things in the list to do. We had a lot of topics being discussed everyday, sharing experiences and giving advises to each of everyone of us. I can say that they are moody but if you need their help they wont leave you alone.

    Some of my classmates are unidentified in the state of their values. Why did i say so, just because there are times that they are friendly and easy to approach but sometimes they are very serious that i seem they can;t handle their problem easily that's why our friendship are being affected. But i can't blame them, maybe i can give my observation with regards to their attitudes.

  11. "You can take the man out of the bog but you can't take the bog out of the man."

    Everybody has own characteristics. Every body has own traits. I am so lucky to have board mates like them. They didn't lack an advise to me whenever i have problems. Even though they have different characteristics and traits, different personality. Some are hard to be with, some are very friendly, some are kind, some are good, some are quarrelsome, but inspite of those I'm not hard to be with them. and to help them whenever they also have problems. There are many who are always like this but my boardmates are different from them. Eventhough there are only a lot of times to be with them. i treasure it all thankfully.
    Some of them are hard to be with, but i am sure we will be also friend...

  12. College life is very different in highschool life.You will meet another people who will be your friend and some will be your enemy.
    The first time i saw my classmates my impression on them is they will be my good classmates and goodfriend too and it's right.We became good classmates because everyone of them are nice.I admit that some of them are not really close to me unlike the others because some of them is not easy to approach. But i can't blame them because maybe they are not compatible to the others company that is why they are aloof to the others but all in all they are all nice.

  13. All of us are different when it comes to our characteristics. Of course, simply because we are different. The very first time I entered this University especially my chosen course and met my new world, my classmates, I felt so alone because I don't have any classmates before that will gonna be my classmate now. At first, I am afraid talking to them and offer a friendship maybe because I am afraid to be neglected, but then I proved that I am wrong. My classmates are all nice. They are all fun to be with. You will not get bored if you are with them. They are like clowns that will make you laugh every second. Although sometimes I don't understand some of them, it's okay because the next day we will be hanging out again.

  14. Where in the world can you find students of a section who are "one and the same?" "One and the same" in physical appearances, characteristics, attitudes, and behaviors? Probably, there's nothing in the world has that. Every students of a section are extrinsicly and intrinsicly different. Like us, the BA COMMUNICATION 1A STUDENTS having different physical appearances, characteristics, attitudes, and behaviors which I can classify according on it; but I choose to classify ourselves according on our behaviors. First, the "Happy-Go-Lucky and Man of Words" type who are always relaxed, noisy and prank jokers giving no efforts in our studies; they just like to be easy in life. Then, the "Serious-Minded and Man of Thoughts" type who are greatly the opposite of the first one; they just like to maintain their high grades in our subjects. Then, the "Love-Conscious and Man of Actions" type who mostly spend their times in their love lives; they may also be noisy and motivated to do actions they like to. Finally, the "Mixed and Others" type who have behaviors belonging to or not included on those types and I belong here. It's a fact that we have different behaviors classified in those types I made but it's also a fact that we still have similar behaviors we use to attain class unity which then be the cause of our friendship, happiness and peace.


  15. There are many kinds of characteristics and behavior to everyone.For now,to my classmates.There are the:

    "silent type"
    They are the ones that are not that noisy or you cannot feel their presence,sometimes.Maybe they are just shy or cannot let their self to give in that much.And i could say that sometimes I'm one of them.

    There is also the "genius-like"
    They are the kind that even if they don't study that much they can pass the quiz or exam or any thing that is needed to do.

    The "funny one"
    Ofcourse in every class there is always the kind that even little things that they do is funny when you see.They are also easy to be with,you can easily talk or tell something to them.Hesitating to something about is none in their vocabulary.

    These are some kinds of character or behavior of my classmates.

    Zaira T. De La Peña
    BA.Comm I-a

  16. I love them the way they are...

    I'm a funny type person so I prefer to be with funny types as well. They make me fun on studying and passing this college life more easier. But based on my experience, besides on those smiling and laughing faces, when they are the ones who are sad, they are more emotional than those typical EMOs in the class. The Brainy were the flag bearer of our section. Stand up and rejoice of the pride that they are giving us. There are some bad boys but still gentleman when it comes they see girls specially the Beauties. Those GENTLEBOYS are friendly too even they already have their group. And as to complete the class, they are the others. Meaning the "Others" that have different characters but they have a convincing strategy to be with the others as well. They are groups but all we are one is we are KALOGS. :p

  17. All of us have a different kinds of personality. We are all born as a unique individuals. As we can see there are people who almost have the same personality but there are times that they have a difference. Like for example in school If you are a college student you will encounter a lot of people with the different personalities. Some are good and some are not.

    In order you to have a lot of friends when you are in college you need to learn how to socialize with other people.

    Kristy B. Baronia
    Ba comm 1b

  18. I have so many experiences in having a friends with different kinds of personalities.But,I am now in college and facing more people and trying to have more friends.On my first day or first week of school a was trying to find new friends who can fit to my personalities also,but then I don't just find one person that can be my friend,I find so many friends.At first,I thought some of them were the "BULLY guys" that will bully me and will ruin my everyday life in school,hehe,I was joking guys,but then i proved that i was wrong about that.Some of my new friends are intelligent or should I call them the "BRAINY guys",they were the ones that we can trust whenever we have a quiz in different subjects,hehe,thanks brainy guys!.And some of them are so funny,now i can call them as the "CLOWN guys",they were the one that are really happy to be with and we have no sad moments whenever we were with them.By the way I am Carl Hernandez but my classmates call me "Ivan",I'm a type of person which is happy to be with,sometimes I'm a joker also,I am also a person which you are easily to fall in loved with,haha,cause I am sweet,caring etc,etc.Now I can call myself as a "MAHANGIN guy",but i also belongs to one group also, I can call it as "COOL guys" Em I right?,hehe,just joking.And last but not the least is the "OTHERS" they are the silent type of a person,sometimes they hate noisy people,but sometimes I can call them as jokers too,because there is a saying that "NASA LOOB ANG KULO",sometimes they were just hiding it, but deep inside they are jokers too,I also belongs here,sometimes?.I have so many personalities,but one thing is sure,i am a nice person and someone you can trust whenever you need a help.

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  20. A class is always compose of different students with different personalities, sometimes GOOD, sometimes BAD and it will came to a point that you'll hate them having that kind of personalities. But as time goes by you really get to know what are their real personalities that's why everybody became happy.I'm a type of person that is not too quiet and not too noisy, just the average. I often notice that every students in a room/class they always belong to any classification. Those students that really don't want to talk as if every word their saying is too expensive for them to choose not to talk. They are "THE GIRLS AND BOYS OF FEW WORDS." There is also a type persons that are called as "THE LIFE OF THE CLASS." They are the one that always talk, love to laugh and jokes around. I can say that I am close to them that's why sometimes even though I don't talk much I became noisy and I laugh so loud as if there is no tomorrow when I'm with them. Also here comes the "TORNADO BOYS", they are those students that arrive as if there is a tornado coming, know why? because they are boastful, they lift their own chair and let their self high as if they are intelligent. "THE GOSSIP GIRLS" are those girls that are fun of talking about their crushes and others. Yes, I admit that I sometimes I belong to this category but TAKE NOTE, NOT ALWAYS. And the room is not complete if "THE CUTE GUYS"are not around. Those guys that are so cute and you can't help to fall in-love with them because they are sweet and charming. They are also "PF" as in "PA-FALL." That's my classmates, even though we have different personalities we still love to be with one another.

    Kassandra Cay E. Toque

  21. One Class! One Goal!

    You are different from other. It's not because you are abnormal or what, rather, its because you are special. We have different characteristics as well as attitude. I can't judge people but I know that everyone has their own personality. In our section, we are all the same. We are all the same in the sense that we have one main goal in life. And the goal that I am telling you is to learn more about communication. We all want to be a good communicator someday that's why we are here. And that is the purpose why we are attending school. We may have different attitudes and characteristics but still, we have one goal,and that is to learn more.

    Danica O. Cabalsa
    BA Communication I-A

  22. Being a college is not too easy..You will experience different hardships in life,meet different persons and will meet new friends.In this state university that i entered,i met those people whom i don't expect that they will be a special persons in my college life.Even tough we have different from each other and have different attitudes.Some of them are silent type,pacute,funny,pasimple,noisy and jokers.We are in different personalities but our goal is only make our friendship stronger.I can proudly say that our class,BA COMMUNICATION I-A is "SIMPLY THE BEST" and i have no regrets that i met them.

    Shanine Ann M. Pionilla

  23. "BA-Comm 1A," Where you can find different buddys, groups or what they call D'BARKADS.

    Every people have their own character where we can't change them just the way they are. All we can do is to accept them without dough.

    First day of school was very exciting but quite scared. Why? I don't know anyone in that four corner room and I'm not that friendly to please everyone.

    As time goes by, we BA-COMM1A finally found the groups where we belong.

    They are the group of students who are intelligent.

    The KIKAYS
    This is where you can find the girls with their mirrors and lip gloss.

    They are the students who just sit, listen, smile and do their things. Not all the time they are silent, I guess there is something that will make them noisy.Whahaha. Guess what?? Bio? haha. just kidding. The nice guys also belong in this group.

    Last but not the least "THE JOKERS"
    They are the one who always made the day happy. They can make you laugh in times of seriousness.

    That's Comm 1A, different groups, different personality but our heart beat as one.:)

    Dyanlee A. Laspiñas
    Comm 1A

  24. In a group of persons, there is always the sort of different behaviors. Like in a class, there are some students who have different views on certain things. Like in our class, there are many groups joining together in doing such things. Some groups’ behavior is good and nice to see but some group seems unpleasant and destructing to see. Some groups had their study habit while other group take study as easy and choose to spend time doing other things than of studying.
    Some are quiet, many are noisy and some are being influenced by ones’ noisiness and quietness. Some are nice and approachable but some are sensitive and hard to deal with. But whatever differences this class has, still they are just one in their common aim. To be an instrument of communication in our country.


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  27. First day of school is, but a quirky incidence. Many lives meet. Some are from far places, some is just near. But something is really recognizable with them. A lot of behavioral differences comprise our class Comm. 1A. " As i walk into the room a great many busy bee talking out in the corner. Well I just don't know what they were talking about. Then I might be inquisitive when I got to about it. There too, are silent - typed, silent or just shy? but eventually become the king Nd queen of talk in the class. So ironic! What a behavior? In an Instance, at the very first point in my life I saw and heard the - Ai ai Delas alas and pokwang of the class. They are so much "patawa", and can easily spit funny words on you. What is bad, is that you can never bear the absurdity of their tactless mouth. This spectacular occurrence in our ;lives put drastic change in our own behavioral patterns.

    Richard Clado
    BA Communication 1A

  28. Dealing with my "classmates" who were quite difficult to categorize because of their identity crisis (hehehe), some of them were very delicate because they were considered as the endangered species sometimes(hahaha), well i still got the chance to put them on their characteristics.

    (peace to everyone hahaha)

    "Tuod" these people often act like a statue. Those who don't have any business as if they are having problems with their senses. They dont even know on what's going on around them. And if the teacher burst up to his/her limits and growl as if he's/she's a wolf, the "tuod" have only got the guts to approach these burning instructors because they dont even care.

    In contrast, they are the ice-brakers of the herd. these students washes away all the nappy moments and kill boredom periods. You can see them making jokes and throwing lines which help the whole class get "activated". They were considered as "KSP"(kulang sa pansin) who need focus and attention all the time.

    "black SHEEP" (hahaha i think many of them will get related to this class of mammals)
    these students (specially the girls) who have the GOLDEN VOICE but a ROTTEN TUNE. They will talk to you as if you're on the ground floor of the CAS Building and they're on the rooftop of the ENGINEERING building.

    hahaha i can't forget these people. i hope that we could find our own success!!!

    Mark JOhn Miciano
    BA-Comm 1-A
    October 07, 2010

  29. “Brainies”
    Those persons always reading their notes or their lectures every vacant times.

    “Nice guys”
    Always in their proper attire. Neat and clean. Usually kind and helpful

    The most common to this are girl. Their topic is usually new gadgets, electronic devices and their boyfriends/girlfriends and their previous gimmicks.

    The loner of the class.

    Elouise Anne A. De Luna

  30. Simply the BEST! (better than all the rest...)

    Being a communication student is so fulfilling, for you encounter different personalities that will surely leave a mark in your heart.

    Although we belong to one section (1A), we have our own groups inside the classroom.

    First, we have this LOUDSPEAKER LADIES, whom I think you knew already! (ehem...)

    Next is the Mr. and Ms. ARTS (ma-ARTSte), who are very hard to get along with. They are very conscious with their looks, especially during wash days.

    We also have the DISASTER BOYS, who always wants to get our attention, by making fun of each and every one of us.

    Let us not forget the JOLLIBEE'S TROOPS, who looks like Jollibee, because they are always jolly, and about the same waistline as him! (just kidding...)

    There are also STUDYING ENTHUSIAST, who almost memorizes all of the pages of the photocopy materials, and the laboratory manual.

    And let me introduce to you si BIG BROTHER (ang KUYA ng 1A)- Jumong!

    If you're a certified "Komm Wan Ey", you'll surely know whom i mean!

    (PEACE!!!) =)

    Lyrose Joy T. Custodio
    BA Comm. 1A

  31. "Bags"
    carries school supplies such as pencil,notebooks etc.
    make the communication much easier and faster.
    "computer or laptop"
    guide us to makes thing easier, in terms of searching.
    to inform people.
    gives light to our houses.
    to makes our transportation became easier.
    "boarding houses"
    provides the students a shelter away from home.
    easy way to access world wide.
    to preserved our foods.
    let people be aware of time.

    Maridole S. Ayala
    10:30-12:OO TTH

  32. We as communication students have different ways of expressing ourselves in a way where we can show off our personality and pattern of behavior. Our classroom serves as the stage and we the communication students are the performers on it, where we act the way we really are. Of course, in our class, just like any other "teleserye" we have the main characters or "bida". They are the ones who are quite impressive with their simple yet elegant looks together with the plus factor that they are brainy. If there are main characters, surely we have the so-called "kontrabidas" who always make unpleasant noise in the class, who speaks carelessly without thinking what others may feel. I also have classmates which are like supporting characters, there are the ones who were very simple, cheerful and very responsible. Extras have roles too, they were my classmates whom you'll hear the words "bahala na" or the easy-go-lucky type of students, even though extras they still contribute to the highlights of our stage. The hardworking officers in our class were somewhat like the people behind the stage who maintains the orderliness in our room and implements cooperation for everybody's sake. The best scenes in the class happens when all are able to express their emotions freely with due respect to others. Whatever behavior we have, the important thing is that they are united as one wherein we build a family in and out of the stage. Even though we have different behaviors, what unites us is the love and respect we have for each other which is a strong foundation in building our home inside the room of learning.

    BA COMM 1-A

  33. Me and my classmates were typically bonded by our one of a kind characteristics. Each of us possesses a unique behavior, too much different from each other. Let's start with the "ALL FOR ONE, ONE FOR ALL GUYS". There bond were so tight that not even a professor could make them separate from one other. Next would be the "HAPPY GO LUCKY GROUP". All I can say to them is they somehow love gimiks. There's also the so called JOKERS of the class. They love to make the class laugh with their funny jokes and sometimes funny acts. There were also the GENIUS TYPE wherein they almost know everything. Though we are different, when we are together, we make a mob(each of us) as one.

  34. ABNKKBSNPLAKo?!? pp.99-102
    12 classification of students in teacher's eye

    Every students have their own characteristics, attitude and behavior. They have their own style, groups and moods. So where do you belong?
    BA. COMM. 1A section has a clowns, spice girls, da gwapings, guiness, leather goods and weirdos according to to my perception as I read Bob Ong's ABNKKBSNPLAKo?!
    The clowns. The joker of the class. Will always break the iceonce it geting boring and sleepy. The spice girls, A group of girls always present in parties, hang-outs and happy happenings. They always want to look good in others especially in their crush. The guiness, Students who are very industrious when it comes to project and recitation (though he answer is wrong)This kind of student are those who are lack in IQ but overflowing of confidence and persistence. The leather goods. The friendly, nice and kind when it comes o cheating. Cheating is allowed they said. Da Gwapings. The counterpart of spice girls but they are boys. that always try to impress someone. And last but not the least, The weirdos. Silent type, problematic and emotional kind of students. less talk, less friends and less grades.
    This is the class of BA.COMM 1A year 2010-2011(I think).
    Different names, different identities, different types.

    BA. COMM. 1A

  35. School was established not only for learning matters but even for socialization purpose.Beyond the four corners of of this institution are students of different faces and personality.Majority of my former high school classmates are qualified enough to be awarded as "most functioning tongue of the year",some just go with the flow while few are considered as "students of their own world".The "tongue of the year awardee" are those who are capable of breaking at least 2000 words a day excluding those sensible one.Their tongue are flexible enough to stretch for the entire day.The next set of extraordinary students are those that just sway with the beat.They just go with the flow and enjoy how days passed by.The last batch of them all is none other than the "students of their own world".Rain or shine,they'll just still remain "KJ" or joy killer.Three classification of students,within the four corners of one classroom will probably result to a "pleasant disaster".

    Nestly Anne P. Abadier
    BA Communication-IA

  36. "New school,new new life,new environment,new everything". As I get here in SLSU, to take up bachelor of arts major in communication, I met new classmate and friends. At first I have to be nice and quite silent type to observe and to know them better. In the first day we are so noisy, even it is our first time to see each other. You can easily identify who is just good and better,even though they are just introducing their selves. Some are like professionals in the way they speak. Some are like the kpop 2ne1, in terms of their styles in clothing. Some of them is like Bugoy Drilon, who sings well. Then, the other one is like Maria Clara, whose voice is so "mahinhin" or gentle and kind. That's my classmates, sometime their voice is like a megaphone that speaks too loud,but expresses their feelings well,that shows what is BA communication looks like.

    Kristal M. Pacalda
    BA Comm.1A

  37. In a typical class, each students differ from each other. They differs in what they like, attitudes, characters and even being fashionable of others.

    Each of us in our class varies from different classification and here they are. First are the "KIKAYS". They are the people whose personality is being conscious about their looks. Next are the "POWDER BOYS and GIRLS", here, I can say that all of us is classified here, because it's like a syndrome of every student that can't live without or even putting up powder all the time (aminin kasama kayu jan). We have also, the "CUTIES" which I probably say I belong joke only (don't be assuming guys haha). Next are the "CRUSH NG BAYAN", I think this belongs to the girls and other guys out there. Of course in a class, there are also some people that make us laugh and i think I belong here. These are the people that joke all the time and sometimes even their jokes can offend others. In a class, there are always the "LONER TYPE", they are the people who always want to be in the back of the class (but not all the time) and wants silence and freedom. And not but not the least are the "EMOTERAS/OS" in short emo. I dont know if theres an emo in our class, but when I open their FACEBOOK PROFILES and PICTURES, haha I can probably say that they are belong here.

    All this personalities makes our classroom complete and lively all the time. And if someone is absent or even go far far away in no where, we can miss them also because they also part of our bondings that no one can replace. Love you guys! (My HS and College friends and classmates)

    James Russel Rondilla
    of BA-Communication 1A

  38. Real friends are our greatest joy and our greatest sorrow. It were almost to be wished and that all true and faithful friend should expire on the same day. a friend is one most important thing in this world, happy to have it and it hurt to lose it.
    When I enter in this school as BA-COMM. student, I don't have friends or even classmates on high school. Well, as usual I have to introduce myself to my seatmate and the other seatmates of my seatmates, very redundant is'nt it. I start knowing them all. Now I know, we all have one classifications.All of us are very talkative." Birds with the same feathers flocks together".We became closer to each other even in a single way. Instead of being talkative, everyone of us have a different mood and personalities. Well, I can't judge them. All I can say is we have a truly megaphonic voice that everyone can notice as a BA-COMM student.

  39. God created us with differences, even identical twins has their differences that is because we our own likes and dislikes. "No man is an island" people cannot live alone in this big world. That`s why a friend and a family created. In my course you must learn how to socialize just for you to developed and grow as an individual. If you will enter in our class which group would you prefer to be with. Join me as I classified or introduce to you the section BA-Comm. 1-A:

    "The DOTA Boys"
    Where you can find them? of course in the computer shop enjoying their number one habit, playing DOTA!

    "The JOKERS"
    They are the happy go lucky, those who loves parties. And always number one in the list of noisy. Well, I guess this group is where I belong..

    "The Genius Group"
    Where can you find them?! well obviously in the library. But some of them prefer to be alone memorizing those photocopies and manuals.

    "The Megaphones"
    They are those who don`t need a microphone whenever they speak. They have the loud voices in the class.

    Well, there`s a lot of more but despite of those differences WE LOVE EACH OTHER!!!(tam-es)Because we are one family..

  40. Maria Bernadette P. Laguador
    BA Communication 1A
    When I enter college, I don't know what Iam going to feel if I will be happy, sad or excited. First day of class, new school, lessons, teacher's and especially classmates.At first I always observe my classmates give them different first impression. I categorized them in different aspects,the sossy, nerd, simple, talkative and etc. But today as time goes by little by little we already know each other. Different personalities and characters are being shown.Some are friendly, although not everyone is horribly unfriendly, some of them always smile and answer in full sentences when you ask them some questions.Some are so strick like a teacher, and some are so naughty. And because we our communication students we always share our talents, that sometimes our classmates will tell you "oh you have a hidden talent, hmmm you better to hide it" hehe. Some are quiet, but of course most of us are so talkative, that sometimes because of our noise some teachers get mad on us. Hello we are communication students, and we are just practicing to communicate.Just like Mam Shiela said it is normal that we are so talkative, it's not normal if our course for example is BS Math . I have also some classmates having a sense of humor, some are always late, some are so emo that seems to be so mysterious.
    Other's are fashionista and some are simple.
    There are times we have disagreements or even differences to each other but the thing that I like from our section is that we are all happy, we love everybody and we treat each other as one family.
    "Speaking is our passion"

  41. "COMMUNICOLOGISTS of the Future"

    Being inside the classroom, with the Communication students, right by your side, is one of the most unforgettable moments in life. Here, you can find bunch of personalities from different areas of life. It’s like a roller-coaster ride, getting to know all of them, one at a time.

    Let me introduce to you the incomparable personas of BA Comm. 1A students.

    FASHIONISTA's by heart- you'll see them really dressed up during wash days, and tends to overdressed at the same time, which makes them looks like attending in a cocktail party.

    DOTA Hobbyists- hey are those bunch of guys, enjoying their favorite past times, everytime classes are cut.

    Forever GEEKS- they are those who are very good in memorizing all notes in every subject, which make them the source of answers everytime there are quizzes, assignments, and examinations.

    TALK OUT LOUD Ladies- sometimes disturbing and stressful to our eardrums, but one thing is for sure, you'll be captivated by their over-the-top tone of voice, everytime they speak and laugh.

    FB (Feeling Beautiful) mode- they are that person who thinks that they are REALLY gorgeous and attractive! They are, but not that EXACTLY! =)

    And lastly;

    1A's KUYA- no other than: Jujumon!

    Well, it’s just my observation. I don't know what's yours!

    Coleen Bernadeth E. Mayor
    BA Comm. 1A

  42. As the time I entered to the world of collage ,I realized so many things and one of this is maybe I will gonna meet different types of personality or attitude.I am right because as the time goes by there's a lot of attitude that is different before the first time I met them.They are now showing their true colors.There are some who are modesty,silent type of person even before.But there's some people who are silent before but now are showing their true colors that they are just pretending.Some are acting like they know everything,always "pagurl",lack of attention so that they are doing something which is not normal and some are very naughty.Even if we are all in different classification inside our room,it is not a hindrance for us to built a friendship between us.


  43. Behavior,everyone of us has a unique behavior.Mine is different from you.Maybe we act the same,but not exactly the same.As a student,i spend half of my body in school and of course with my classmates.As i am with them i can classify what behavior they have.Here:

    "The sOssy tyPe"

    These type of persons,girls particularly love to wear a sossy dress,wearing jewelries that really caugth your attention.Sometimes they called 'fashionista'.

    "The siMpLe typE"

    They used to be simple in every way.Most of my classmates act in a simple way,talk in a simple way and do simple things.

    "Quiet tyPE"

    They contented to be quiet sitting on their chair and quit talking.

    "ShOwy tYpE"

    They love to express what they really feel.Show what they are and no-keeping inside.
    And used to be mischievous.


  44. Every person is made unque by God. Just like our finger prints. No one is the same as the another. They may have similarities, but they also have difference. As a freshmen student in college, meeting new people is the most exciting part. You will meet different kind of people from different places. When I met the COMBI family of the Comm IB, I notice the difference of each other.
    There are the 'tropang Blush-on',
    ...the group where you can find girls who always make sure that they are properly groom and doesn't forget to put powder on their faces.
    There are also the 'good ones',
    ...students who are so loyal to the the law. They are so afraid of breaking even the simplest mistake as if they will die if they did. :p
    The bookworms,
    .. students who are so smart as if they memorize the whole hand outs just to perfect the exams.
    The 'better late than never group'
    .. students who came late. Some even came at class 45 minutes late.
    And Lastly, the "announcers",
    ..student who are always aware of everything happening to the university and always announce everything in the class. Some of them have loud voices.

    Well, as I said, none of us are the same. Each of us is a unique master piece of God. This characteristics is just based on my own opinion... so enjoy reading!

  45. Classifying has a big part in our life, some aren't aware that in every simple thing that we do, we are classifying them. in classifying we are joining elements with similarities and disregard the other that doesn't belong to a group, for example in friendship. We are close to those who have our same likes and dislikes, sometimes having them with us will make things go according to plan. For those who are left behind they are also looking for someone who shares both likes and dislikes like them.

    In politics classifying is one basis of the voters as they classify if these candidate do share the qualities and guts that ruler should have. By classifying simple things it could turn everything out right. Classify well and it may bring out something that will amaze everyone.

    Maridole S. Ayala
    BS-HRM IIIC/ BA Comm 1A 10:30-12:00 TTh

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  47. Oh wow! How can I classify my classmate according to their personality? Let us put it this way, I, Alyssa Mae O. Baldovino belongs to BA-COMMUNiCATiON I-B or known as COMBi. As a communication student I can classify the said section as “the amplifier” our daily breakfast is the amplifier said the others because we always created noise pollution. Most of the professor in college of Arts in Sciences is always telling us, “Please, be quite, we have our classes” Oh well, as expected we are noisy people. That is one of the similarities we ALL have. In classifying my classmates, COMBi have:

    “subsob sa pag-aaral na kaklase”
    - The one who are always highest in every examination and quizzes. They are grade conscious. Those people having their assignment and project on time. And of course they never get late in classes.

    “gimikerang palaka na kaklase”
    - They went home late at night. Always been drunk with their barkada. They are always late in our first subject, in ENG01.  They are the easy go lucky one. They don’t mind about their grades, they are contented having 3 rather than 2.5.

    “school bahay na kaklase”
    - If it is vacant time and we don’t have classes, you can find this kind of person in their house. They don’t want to stay in school to have some time in “tambayan”.

    I think those classification are enough for you to get to know the attitudes and behavior of COMM I-B. We are just simply talented communication students; shy at first, but if you get to know us more, you’re going to love it and dream to belong to this family because we are COMBilicious. :D

    Alyssa Mae O. Baldovino

  48. All of us have different behaviors because were all different. But in some ways we found that we has similarities. Through to our class B.A Communication, as we enter our room no one is not speaking because for us we are the communication student and speaking is our passion. As i see through the 5 months that were all together, i see that we have different behaviors. Some of us is always happy, talking as if there's no tomorrow and sometimes were all said partii'partii. We are all different in lot of things, what we want to do and what are likes and dislikes. In some ways were also different like in expressing ourselves or making conversation. Some of us wants in a silent mode or place but most of us really likes loud conversation that for me is cute. But i can never exactly tell their behavior because, yes we see each other everyday physically but mentally in our mind. When it comes to some similarities of us, we are all ready to know each other better. And it will help us to become a good communicator.

    B.A COMM 1-A
    Dhanica Rose V. Salvanera

  49. God created us with different way of social intercourse. I can say that in our class we have different characteristics but still we have similarities to each other. I can classify my classmates with:

    palagi nalang masaya(kahit walang nakakatawa): those people who are always laughing even there's no thing to laug with, that's why some of us are saying that they are going crazy.

    wala ng time tumawa puro pag aaral nalang(gustong maging magnacumlaude)- they are the types of people who are always studying always reading their notes even there's no quiz. no time for laughing.

    mga layas(palaging uling uli kahit walang pupuntahan)- they are the types of people who's always going to the othher place even if there have no money.

    new year nan klase(pagnagsama sama sila ay hindi ka na makakaimik pa sa sobrang ingay at lakas ng boses)- they are the groups of people who always having fun. they are like a gun because they are very noisy group. some teachers ate them while some teachers love them.

    Hollow man- it has two types. type A those people who are always absent always invincible. Type B those people who are always present but their mind is invincible.

    And I guess I'm one of them.:)

    Charlene L. Franza
    BA COMM 1-B

  50. Of course every one of us is different and unique in all the ways, in every single thing we do. We have to show that we are what we are. By the way, I am a BA COMM 1A STUDENT—“Ika nga|” bakomwaney.
    And to be in the point, I must say that we are all different but strong in bind. So, wazzup? Just read and see if the classification belongs to you.

    Below is our classification showing our class attitude and every class along the way:

    _these are mostly the people who are big in brains and dreams but little in height. (If you see those people, you could think that they are only sitting and not standing. Of course, kneeling can do)

    _these people are often to talk and when break time comes, they are sitting stable in their chair and just reading books. These are the people in class that always reviewing lessons if there would be a quiz or exam. (Notice why? they have many seatmates in times of exam. Copying their answer seems to be parasites)

    _these people are always seen especially every hour or a break, every session of one subject. Looking into the mirror and always putting powder in their face thinking that they are always oily just like a chicken frying. (Oops! Take yourself far to them in times of vacant. They will ask you for powder.”hirap nab aka maubos pa sa super dame nila mag-apply”)

    _they are also like bookworms. You often see them in “Betty La fea” like outfit, wearing eyeglasses and braces. Sometimes have their thick bangs. And because of their quiet world. Many of them are bullied by the boys.
    _they are the “Sharpay Evans” type of the girl. Looks hot and sexy., “kikay”. Always conscious about their face. Sometimes like a fashionistas. You would see them flirting and gossiping with the handsome boys. (They always want to be the front page of the class room)

    _these people have their stiff neck when quiz and examination comes. They are like copier machine who are always seen cheating and talking too much. They are “pa simple” type eyes without other knowing that they’re eyes are rolling all over the papers of their seatmates. (Get rid of them, they would have a chance to get the credit that supposed to be yours if they will get high score)

    _these people are always seen with a smoky eyeliner and seductive eyelashes and this is where I belong.
    They would feel it’s their fashion and no one has to take care about. These people loves to wear black and being loner sometimes is a time of pleasure for them to think it’s their time to plan and figure out a problem. Their hair is on a style and many of them are in long bangs. (Sometimes these people are a very good and honest friend hiding in their physical appearance. You can lean on them, and for sure, they would understand it.)

    _these people are often talking to their selves and you can’t read what they are thinking about. We could not understand them sometimes. They have their deep thinking mind. They could easily annoy with a combination of nerdy type but not totally like that. They could not really express their feelings.

    _these are the person who is the “pambato” of the class in terms of singing competition. You were heard them singing even if teacher’s around or when there is a break. They are sometimes known to be flamboyant because of showing their talent always even it is not the right time to sing.

    Well there is how we look like and there are so many things every one of us can be classified to. But this is not enough. Just look at us and see the difference.

    BA COMM 1A

  51. People are created by God with its own differences and uniqueness. We as a human, we doesn't have the same personality, physical appearance, characteristic and behavior. We are totally different from one another.

    ...But in the wonderful world of communication, all of our differences unite as one when we get together. "BKOM1A", totally classified with different groups of behaviors and some of those are:

    DA SiLenT MOdE - group of BKOM1A listening to the class quietly.

    DA LoUDspeaKers - group of BKOM1A which all of the time students are always talking with one another loudly.

    DA GeNeral Mode - group of BKOM1A which are neutral. Participating in the class either quietly or talkatively.

    DA SOsyaLeraz - group of BKOM1A which really kikay and sosy.

    DA JokeRs- group of BKOM1A which making all of us laugh.

    DA Brainyz - group of BKOM1A which really smart.


    DA eMo - group of BKOM1A which are all sensitive and emotional.

    Those are the different faces of BA Communication 1A. ...Where do you belong? , which of those group of behaviors do you prefer? ... HhhhmmHmmmmm... Don't know!!!

    Jazzer B. Pacheco
    BA COMM 1A

  52. My classmates? Well, they are nice and good. They are different in attitudes and characteristics but we have only one goal. That goal is to graduate and finish the study as a communication student. In Our class you will encounter different peoples and individuals. There you can see the students that what you call as the "Super Hyper Noisy and Talkative". They are the students that makes a loud noise and makes their sound in the cellphones in max volume. They will shout with a big voice. The next is the "Simple But Noisy", they are the student that is look so simple and quiet, but in the true color of it they are so noisy and have an irritating voice. Then the other is the "Rocking Rock", they are those students that the only know is to nod after you talk to him for so long. They just nod or even they just smile. There are also the "Snake Cricket", They are those that have a little voice and the only thing that you will hear is the "SSSSSS" sound. This is just few of many species in our class. I hope that you can relate to my own definition based on the behaviour of my classmates. Hope you enjoy and I hope that you know wher you belong.
    Let there be peace on earth!! :)

    Genesis C. Saliendra
    BA-Comm 1A

  53. I was still in elementary when I first read that book,but I can remember it like this.

    Their the type of who's always happy in the classroom their contended even if their grade is only in the passing rate,they don't aim that high as long as their happy in their life and passing the subjects.

    They always aim high grades,I think their the future D.L.'s.They always study about their subject,they dont forget about their assignments,and when there's a quiz their always ready for it.

    They are the guys who's friends with everyone.There are times that they are with the Brainy guys and sometimes in the Happy go lucky guys,sometimes their ready for the quiz and sometimes not.I think their like moody person sometimes lazy and sometimes not,but they don't want to fail their major subj. and they want high grades on their major subj.

    Their the guys who don't care about their grade they just play around,chatting,laughing at the time of their subject.They always make their classmates laugh

    They are the guys that you don't what they are thinking they are always not talking and have their own world.Their personality is still a mystery.

    Ezra Sudario
    BA-Comm 1-B
    Oct. 8,2010 9:54 PM

  54. ave you ever known where you have been belonging?





    or DL

    In our class you can classify my classmates in this 5 types for their individuality. The first one – EMOTERA- the emote version of a EMO. The kind of people are moody type and when they having a “TOPAK” - topak in love, topak sa pag-aaral,topak sa emote. You will notice that they writing something to their arms, in paper or sometimes on the wall. And its all about their deepest emotional feelings- “KAYA NGA EMOTERA”

    Next one is EKSENA- this kind of person is always want on the spot of attention and attraction.

    The next one is OA as in OVER ACTING people. this kind of men and women is always on alert in their environment and SUPER react to stimuli to their surroundings. The watt het react is so ”EXAGERRATED”.

    HGL – Happy GO Lucky-, I like this kind of people, WHY? – it’s like me, Happy and Full of Joy. Did you know this people are more prone in emotional distress that they hide to other people.

    How about DL/ some people think it means Dean list, they are wrong. It means DURUNG LANDI- this kind of women or maybe a man is so flirt and playing hard to get and playing safe to their crushes, “Pasimpleng Babae or PA-Virgin DAw”

    Have you found yourself?????????????????????

    Vaughn Carl V. Salameda
    BA-Communication 1A

  55. In college there are many different types of students and sometimes it is inevitable not to clash with each other because of different point of views and opinions that sometimes the other don't want to give way. In highschool you can get to know each other very well and you can know the different attitudes of your classmates unlike in college you cannot know the real character of your classmates because you can only be with them for a short time and that's because not all is sure to stay. Some goes to other courses and others might fail. But I can say that it depends on a person if he/she can handle whatever attitude he is adjusting with. And as a student we shouldn't take for granted those things that our teachers are teaching us. It is for our own good and a teacher only wants what's good for her student.

  56. Of course, every people that exist in this world have different kind of personality. Classifying my classmates in BA Communication I-B is quite easier because we’ve known each other for almost 4 months. As I’ve observe while I’m belong to this section, we have similarities and dissimilarities although, that the communication students are classified as lively, happy, cheerful, wild and boisterous (?), we also have different characteristics or personality. Some of them are hard-headed and boastful, but I’m not saying that much of them are. Others are very serious in studies and very active in joining different organizations in school. But, all of them are very friendly and happy to be with although we have our own group of friends inside and outside the classroom. Every one of them is very open and you will never be out of place.

    Julianne Christel F. Valdeabella
    BA COMM 1-B

  57. I am really a fond of writing but one person that made me strange in the field is the what they so called “bobong pinoy” or simply bob ong.I am truly in a hard thought before about his nationality(I even came to a point of thinking he was a chinese).
    Going back to the main point,I can classify my classmates through the words he just used in his recent published book ABNKKBSNPL ko(pretty hard to read at first).
    The” Pu’sikat” or shall I say “puro pasikat”?.Attention seeker,talking out loud in or outside the campus.They are like a big black dot on a giant white billboard and fame is their life(but actually they have nothing to be fame of).
    “Cheaters go to hell,yaah right,cheaters.Or shall I say again sitting i mean“cheating arrangers”?.Goes early in school(definitely one hour advance),usually sitting on the back with their small slit of paper.You cannot hear them quite during exam or seriously filling the blanks of the questionnaire.

    Krizza F. Mercado
    BA-Comm 1 B

  58. in life we must know how to socialize and get along with at SLSU every student has its own unique attitude especially my classmates(COMMATES).one classroom,two sections but countless traits and attitudes.some of them are smart(braniacs)booklover(bookworm) but still i find them interesting the way they express oneself to an experience i've heard mostof ba comm students are very noisy and boisterous by most of the time.but when it comes in academic skills,we're very determined to show us what we're made of.Sometimes clash of personality happens there ones whom doesnt care about the feelings of others but for me they're the persons where i can give my trust and ill try my best to cope up with them at ease.

    aneid nixon avellana
    BA comm I tth(10:30-12)

  59. Life of college is different from High School. We are in our next step of our life. We must face the new environment,new friends to encounter,new enemies to bump on,new challenges,new stalkers and stuff.
    Yeah ! Cool,Classifying my Classmates according to their attitudes? :)
    Well, being part of a COMMBI in my Freshmen year here in SLSU, I can say that we've known each other for more than 4months. We've showed our real attitudes/emotions inside and outside the classroom, CAS bldg. and SlSU Campus. I observed that all of us are very talkative,(yeah that's why we're a Communication students) as one of our Professor dismissed us at night time she will say to keep quiet as we walk downstairs,because we're like a Pre-elem students, very noisy. Because there's still other students who have their class at night time and their Professor got mad on us because we're destructing them.

    I can classify my classmates in many ways:

    Some are very grade conscious they want to aim highest scores or grades in every activities that we are going to do.Who doesn't even share the answer during exams :) Some are just "Bahala na" Atleast we'll passed :) This people are the one who are very kind-hearted in everything ,shared everything when there's exam or quiz.
    And the most thing that students can't never ever changed is being late .I don't know why some are getting late including me sometimes :)
    Maybe because some are lazy to go to school early.
    In our class, there are different "BARKADAS". But then no one of us will never be out of place .The way we laughed is when there is no more tomorrow.We treasure every single moment that we are together.Because sooner some of our dear classmates and friends might plan to shift or transfer in other school or courses. Some are "KIKAY", they used to put some make-up.Others are "MOODY". Some are "PLASTIC" which I hate the most. It's when you're talking with them you think they are good to you, but as when you turn your back they keep on telling and throwing you bad things.But then even though some of them are like that I still show the real me,who really I am.

    Andrea Niel Tobias
    Proud to be BA COMM 1B

  60. Rolynda N. Quimora
    BA Comm.I-B

    We all came from different places with different attitudes and with different views in life. Now we became as one.
    We call our COMBI. Simple but delicious that's why COMBLICIOUS.:) In this section you will find different kinds of person with similar. interests. Let me introduce to you the "TROPANG BLUSH ON," they are not really interested in blush on instead they like powder. (that's why I don't know why they name their group as tropang blush on.) Then there are also the BECKYMONS. They called each other as "Becky" There are also the serious type one. And lastly i want you to meet MR./MS.GM (group message)
    (Mr./Ms. because I'm really confused with his gender..hehe) Anyways, MR./MS.GM always send as messages regarding with with payments,from the folder down the photocopy of the lessons.
    COMBI! That's the section that I belong.:)

  61. To be a College student,its so hard,more pressure because of the duties you have to accomplish.Many responsibilities,decisions that you have to do.When I entered college life,lots of changes has come,different from my high school life because you have to work hard for a better future.New classmates,new friends with different personalities that I encounter.My impression when I saw them,they are kind and nice person and I hope we will have a good friendship between them.In our class you can classify my classmates in different types for their individuality.

    The first one are the "Noisy and Talkative":
    They are the students who makes a loud noise everyday,you'll be captivated by their big voice talking with one another loudly.

    The jokers:
    Group Comm 1A one who makes us laugh and always number one in the list of noisy.

    The Brainy's:
    Are the students which are really smart.

    Well, this are the different faces that Comm 1A have.Hope you enjoy and you’re going to love it and dream to belong to this family the Comm 1A!!!

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  63. Can you imagine human life without differences? Well that would be funny right? What if everyone in the world was serious, then all of us would look like zombies or something.( @.@ )Now what if we’re all outgoing, talkative and joke makers, then mother Earth would be already polluted with just the carbon dioxide coming from everyone’s mouth. But then again, God is so intelligent, to the point that He knew that life would be more exciting if people were all exceptional from another.

    I belong in the Class of BA Communication I-B, and in this class, I found a lot of people that may really be extra terrestrial beings, living in different college student’s body. =D Well some are really humans perhaps, count me in. ( chuckles )

    Our class can be classified into:

    The Mushrooms
    - People right here, are those who seem to come and go. They may either appear on the 1st class, but then be gone on the next, appear again and then vanish into thin air. ( haha )But they never fail to pop out whenever lightning strikes. They will always be there, not ready to share, but rather ready to stare (at your answers).

    The Top of Banahaw boarders

    -these people on the other hand are those late, later and latest students in class. Guess they want to implement their new quotation “its better later than never.” These people don’t seem to get the point of “time is gold”, maybe their silver fanatics or something. it’s as if its taking them years to get up, take a bath, dress up and travel to school. But whenever they have no homework’s, they are earlier than ever.

    The Fashionistas
    - Wash day is their favorite day of the week, and exams are what they hate the most.

    The Amplifunners and Inomers

    - These are the people who surely proves their Communication students, with their loud almost breaking glass voices, the class never seems to be quiet. They are also the source of laughter. These group are the cool but crazy ones, they are the party people of the class, they are THE BAR-kadas. (count me in here)

    The Ghosts

    - Ahwooo! Well these people are those who don’t seem to exist coz they barely utter a word.

    The Gifted Childs

    - Organizations? Name it and they’ll join it.

    The Soon to be Einstein’s
    - School, home, school, home. Study, review, memorize…. What the? Is there any other routine they can come up with? They review till their eye bags turn into suitcases, while their classmates’ eyes almost pop out to look at their answers.


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  65. Bachelor of Arts and Communication students are known for having high confidence that serves as their capital to fulfill their dreams. Being one of them is not easy because there’s a lot of things to learn like, speak in English frequently, develop our skills, talent and personality and to become a responsible one. I am belong to the section B of the BA Communication with my 44 classmates, which is 7 boys and 34 girls with have different attitudes and behavior. On the first time we met, I admit that it’s hard for me to be socialize because they are new in my eyes and also the environment, but as the time passes by, we become closer to each other until we knew each other,. We have different behaviors, some are shy type and the other are hyper. I am a kind of student that is not attending the class late and not absenting just for nothing and also sometimes is a good listener to the good speaker. Some of my classmates are sitting at the back and hold their cell phones, and the others have their own topic while the teachers are discussing. Sometimes it depends upon the teacher on how they catch the attention of their students to listen them. That’s the BA Communication 1B!!!!!! 

    Vanessa S. GAleon
    BA Comm 1B

  66. Marvin A. Tagudin
    BA Communication 1A

    Have you ever tasted a fruit salad? It is delicious, right? A fruit
    salad is a combination of different fruits that when prepared creates
    a very pleasing and appealing taste...My section BA Comm 1A Is like a fruit salad, the individuality and
    differences of each one of us when combined together creates a
    great relationship, a harmonious interaction. In our few months
    together, there are so many friendships and groups that was made, here
    are some: First, the what I called "The Early Birds", they are my
    classmates who never came late, in fact they always arrived in our
    room an hour or two before the class. They really really love
    attending classes, because sometimesthey are still present eventhough
    we really don't have classes. If there are early birds, there are also
    "Late Birds", they are the opposite of the early birds. Their motto is
    " It is better late than never"(I once become one of them);.We also
    have the "ABG" or the Always Busy Group" , they are always busy during
    the class not because they are studying our lesson but because they
    are doing so many things like texting, combing hair, reading
    pocketbooks and even chatting with seatmates. They are usually found
    in the backseats of the room.There is also a group called "The Silent
    Sanctuary", they are a small group whose hobby is 'not to talk', you
    can count every word that they said, so serious!. We have also a group
    named "Loud and Proud", they are the group that cannot complete their
    day without talking and talking. They usually talk on a high note,
    like a soprano singer,huh. and when they are about to shout, you
    should prepare covering your ears because your eardrums are at risk of
    damage.They are just few groups in our section that made our first
    semester wonderful.

    Since the lenght of the paragraph is limited,I wasn't able to write
    all of them because it would take a very long paragraph for me.

  67. My classmates are very nice and good. We are different in many things attitudes, characteristics, emotions, and images. In our class you will encounter different peoples and individuals. There you can see the students that what you call as the "Superhuman". They are the students who are very strong in everything we do in classroom. We also have the "Shy type", at first you thought she is just a simple quiet person that is nothing but when she recite in class she is very intelligent. The other one is the "Rocking Rock", they are those students that the only know is to nod after you talk to her for so long. They just nod or even they just smile. My classmates are also like “Eager Beaver” simply looking at the teachers while talking but at the end of the discussion they really don’t understand what the lesson is. Then my friends called me the “Busy Bee” because they always see me looking at the mirror, fixing my hair, and talking to my classmates while the teacher is teaching in front. I can defined our classroom that has full of surprises.

    Redgyn Saliendra
    BA COMM 1-B

  68. There are a lot of different attitudes and character traits in our class as I observed.

    First of them were the ‘Class Clowns’, class clowns were usually the one who gave color by their funny punch lines.

    Second were the ‘Loudspeakers’, of course as communication students everyone loves but talking but these type of students were the ones that you can always hear even if they were just talking with their seatmates.

    ‘Silent type’ or the ‘shy type’ students they prefer to keep quiet rather than to be noisy.

    The 'outspoken', they were the frank students who always say what they feel or they love saying anything.

    The ‘Fashionistas’, they were the girls who loves fashion.

    ‘Missing in Action’ type was the students who are always absent.

    The ‘Late Birds’, they were always late even examination day.

    The ‘talkative’, the one who’s always talking with her seatmate even with the professor in front.

    The ‘peek-a-boo’, this types of students comes out during examination day or quiz day rather, students who peeks on their seatmates paper.

    The ‘teacher’s pet’, types of student who likes to be closed with their professors.


  69. Jenny N. Valle
    B.A. Comm. 1B

    People have different traits. Yes!I agree on that. Because I can see it in the people around me. Specially in my classmates that is always beside me.
    They are different from each other and even from me.
    We have the "feeling beautiful", even if it is not.
    We have the type who feels that he is always right.
    I also have the type of classmate which is "naturally smart". They didn't need to participate in our corporation.
    Yes! We are totally different from each other. But I assure to you that we have some things in common.

  70. The differences of personalities make them to be known of who they are. Some attitudes make other people contented but some of their attitudes make people discontented. Even though there lots of differences in a crowd, it was come about for them to be in somebody's company.

    There are lots of differences when it comes between to the attitude or personalities of a person in a set. Likewise in a classroom, each of a student poles apart. These are some personalities that mostly noticed in a student inside the class.

    Students who didn’t sleep at night just to have an over view on their notes or hand outs and to make into the class with their far above the ground grades.

    Who used to have a prepared recital in every question of a teacher and obtain the uppermost points in performance.

    The students who never want to have marked absent on the class record of their teacher.

    The students who used to come to school with their dialogues or reasons of why they didn’t make it to the certain time.

    Alexander D. Maribbay Jr.
    BA Communication I-A

  71. I belong to Commbi’s class...

    Where there are wild people whom you can see, some of them will treat you good and some of them... I can’t say that they are not good enough because we didn’t know each other yet. But I enjoy this class, especially when we have a bonding together.
    Here are my classmates:
    “Wild Texter” These people are so addicted with cell phones. Wherever they go, whatever they do, texting is what they do. Whether it is in any angle, position, they can text, even when they are not looking at their cell phone, because they memorize the keypad of their cell phones. Whether there are professor in front they are not ashamed of what they are doing, just to take a reply on their text mates.
    “Fashonistas” These are persons who dress that they look an artist, I don’t know if they have a rehearsal or they are a model, because their blush on sometimes didn’t match in their complexion. These persons dressed beautiful, whatever dress you like them to wear they look beautiful and they look rich because of the clothes they wear.
    “Kikay”-Having similarities with fashonistas, but these persons are wearing heavy make-up. They are wearing big earrings, necklace, and ribbon or hair band in their hair. They are beautiful whether they are tired, and one of their hobbies is to go to comfort room every class.
    “Over Achievers” These are person that you can notice in the class because they have their own world. They didn’t do anything but to hold a book, write and study. It’s hard for them to talk because their weird.
    “Clumsy” These where I belong, a group of person who didn’t mind everything, we want stories; we talk about who is the cutest person in our campus. We also tackle about our love lives. We do this when we are bored with our professor, and most interesting was... We tackle everything, even if it is nonsense.

    BA COMM 1B

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  74. They are two groups of friends,my friends in High School classmate and now in college.I love all of us ,because all of us are patient and kind to me.And for being kind and patient to me i'm also to them.Each of one had a different quality,identity and similarities,sometimes we had a group of emotional and sometimes we had a group of happenings.Everyone are close to me,if there have a session between us,i'm also there to join us.Like yesterday,my classmates in high school have a session,because we are celebrated the anniversary of our section.In my college classmates,i experienced how to smile the flash and shot of camera,because if we have a session,camera is also present.If theres a time that i'll be with them,i feel better,i feel great,i feel happy,all of them are joker sometimes we got an action that we make me laugh.

    Jonalyn P. Seño
    BA-Comm. I-B

  75. Everything may be classified but the most exciting ones to classify are the people. They, I mean "we" are possessing the characteristics which may only be found in us- a unique one.
    Classifying my classmates is kinda fun. We are really of different characteristics but we are sometimes of the same interests so it is somehow easy to classify us. you can notice what we are in with and what kind of student we are.
    These are my classifications:Mr. bean- they are the ones who look funny though they are not making anything to make us laugh. Vehicle- they are the boy scouts of "lakaran" and "gimikan", always ready to go,there's no need to ask if they want to.Magic box- they are always full of surprises which are sometimes not really surprising.Hamsters- they look nice but the truth is that they are really not.Computer- they are always busy doing something which is sometimes important but sometimes not at all. Actor/actress- they are the ones who are really good in pretending- but not an unideal pretending, let's just get straight to my point, for me, they are the ones who can hide their feelings just to show others they're okay though they are not. Person in the circus - they are the ones who are always happy, you cannot see them sad or worried. The mp3- they are always doing their work continuously like the music playing on a radio, but you can stop them by saying to do so. The thinkers- they are ready to do all the assignments and willing to review for a quiz or a test without doubt

    Reign Joy E. Sindac
    BA Comm I-B

  76. As I enter college life, I met different persons with different personalities. Every time I attend our class, it’s as if I am watching a play, different emotions and different scenes performed by my classmates. Some of them look so emotional and poignant, as if they’re experiencing a tear-jerking circumstance in their life; they are the EMOTERA KINGS and QUEENS of Comm 1A. But not all of us are like that; we also have the PARTY ANIMALS in our room. With this kind of person, it’s as if there’s a party everyday. Of course the party wouldn’t be as happy as that without the SANTA’S ELVES. Yes! Because their voice is as small as an elf and sometimes you might even wonder if that is really their voice. Anyway, we have to accept the fact that life is not a party everyday. Sometimes we also experience some hardships. Tests, quizzes, projects, etc., these are the hardships of a student like me. But with the ARISTOTLE of our section, they just take it easy. You will always find them busy studying. If we have the Aristotle, we also have the BUSY BEE. But take note! They have a big difference. Unlike the Aristotles, these persons are busy with other nonsense things and not with their studies. Another one is the group of DOTA BOYS, they’re also busy with something but unlike them their focus s on their national game which is DOTA. This group of boys often came late in class because of their DOTA session. But there also some who is not playing DOTA but then always came late in class. They are the EARLY BIRDS. Why early birds? Because they always came too early for the next subject. Nice isn’t it?
    Well, these are just the things that I discovered with my classmates after four months of being together. Ooops wait! Before I forget, of course our section wouldn’t be complete without the EYE CATCHERS. Asking who are they? Well, they are the ones who always do something just to get everybody’s attention. :D

  77. We are created by God with similarities.I have a lot of friends,but they differ in other things.Some are very good because I can feel their true love for me.Some of friends in the group is moody,some are very talkative and others are too serious.But inspite of these differences, we are still friends no matter what happen.I love them on what they are because it is their natural.When I'm with them,i feel contented because they never leave me.They make feel that I am really important to them.One thing is sure,we are in one the same character,we have a kind heart.I am proud of having this kind of friend.

  78. Juliet
    All of us have their own differences and similarities. Well my classmates are one of the good example of that. The question is how do I classify my classmates? For me they are like bees because my classmates are too noisy. Some teachers is always telling us to stop the noise because they have class in other room. And our teacher too they've been telling us o stop our noise.Actors and actresses because many of us are having a talent in acting. We all love each other like a brother and sister sometimes we are having an argument but still we forgive because were all friends.

    Juliet A. Bas.
    BA-Comm. I-B

  79. All of us have similarities.And my friends are one of example of that.My friends are like me,we have the trip,same like in games but not in girls.When it came to girls me and my friends are so confused,we make a secret and never tell to anyone.But when the time comes that someone broke our heart we talk to each other and cry sometimes to each other.There's no condition if you cry,I think its the better way to do to forget your problem and to forget how hurt love is....

    John Derrick A. Gaila
    BA-Comm. 1-A

  80. Behavior of a person is so difficult to capture. But if you want to know something about behavior, let me now share to you what kind of students of Bachelor of Arts in Communication I-B of SLSU has. 
    Let start it this way…
    … some of us are just focusing in our studies and go home afterwards, it’s like what you call “School – Bahay Portion”.
    … some are didn’t mind much or take too much serious our school works. They rather spend their time with friends, cool and expensive gadgets, organizations or whatever they want to do. But that doesn’t mean they are neglecting their studies, its just they are like the “Easy Type” persons.
    When it comes in attitudes, characteristics or traits, we have the word “Unity” in fact we will be having an outing next week.  See? We unite even in a simple bonding. But to figure out, some of us are humble, few are humbug and several are destructing. You may think that it irritates you but you will learn to ignore it as time goes by.
    BA Communication I-B can be best described as:
    … very polite, smart, attentive, energetic and noisy, very alert, happy and most of all behave students!  And here where you can find the true beauty of being a communication student.

    Emagiel Anulao of BA Comm. I-B

  81. Joanna Marion N. Veluya
    BA-COMM 1B


    We have different characteristics, attitudes and personality that might hate by others. But in some cases there might be a good person that you could share a lot of things, like you classmates. My classmates would copulate with anything that moved, but I never saw any reason to limit myself. My classmates are easy to cope up with and easy to approach that’s why in a few months we’ve got the best bonding that usually friends do. In every discussion in our class, we shared experiences and we give advises to each of every one of us. And we enjoy it. Sometimes they are moody and very serious and it’s not easy to handle because you don’t know what they are thinking. Also some of my classmates don’t really want to talk. I noticed that maybe it is only part of their personality. I can say that maybe I’m not matured enough to understand some attitudes of my classmates but one thing is for sure for me, that I enjoy the moments when we are together.

  82. As a student,and as a comm.student I can just easily describe myself on my classmates on this first semester.Why?let me say,"I'm such a judgmental person".not like my other classmates"nakasanayan kong hindi matitino mga kaklase ko".But for me,It's really hard to adjust on a classroom who are having classmates that are so good and kind not like my other classsmates on last year,they are so rude and naughty.

    Zyril Kristine P Zuñiga
    B.A.COMM I-B

  83. How will you classify your classmates? That question bothers me. As I think of it these words pop out into my mind. "BOOKWORMS", yes, they always bring their books not because they are fond of reading it but they use it to cheat. "CANTEENATICS" they are the persons who always spend their vacant time in the canteen, and I admit I'm one of them. "DL",or D Latecomers., they always come late. "MEGAPHONES", they are the one who always make some announcements though everyone knew about it. The last one are the "SLOWMO", they are the one who doesn't gets the joke of others but sometimes they get it still it is too late.
    Yes, this is us, though we are not perfect still we love each other.

  84. Every day, in a four sided room, the environment or should I say, those different comrades had always been a part of our school life. Purely unique with their distinctive characteristics, each one belongs to a special group where they can be classified as singularly identified as the other. As I merely observed the specification of individuality of my fellow students, here are some groups wherein I categorized them. Hyperactive, easy-go lucky, always LISTEN-TO-ME buddies though sometimes some of what they are saying have no sense anymore, primary source of noises…let me call these students as the VOICE BOXES. The next set is where people who are always on the go for fashion trends belong. Crowd dweller, LET-ME-PUT-ON-MY-MAKE-UP-ON-DON’T-CARE-IF-SIR/MAM-IS-THERE group of beauty conscious lasses, I want to entitle them as the CHICK GALOURES. Teacher’s pet, lads and lasses with undeniable likability, that sometimes I wish I could acquire some of their congeniality and niceness, let me name this EVERTHING’S-OKEY-DUDE group of cool the NICE GUY TYPE. While on the next class, the kingdom for all tapeworms and ringworms arise, because of their too much dependency to other with papers, ball pen or even test answers… this group of asaness individuals are the, I supposed, PARASITES. If there are parasites, there should also be the group of providers whom I call the CHARITY WORKERS. Those are the people who are always ready to lend a hand for every needy parasite out there. Who would ever forget this next type of classmate? The group of latecomers who’s hungry for admission slips. Always comes late though his class is past ten in the morning. Warm greetings of hello to all ADMISSION SLIP LOVERS. If the last group’s motto is better late than never, these early risers who immediately attend school before the said time or even an hour advance, which is actually an advantage because they can still finished their home works earlier than the class would start are certainly called as the EARLY BIRDS (who are assuming to catch some worms. haha joke!). So now, let me ask you my friend, have you found the kingdom where you belong?

    Eva B. Lugtu
    Bachelor of Arts
    Major in Communication 1-B

  85. Yeah college life is like a book. Full of discoveries and adventures. Every person in the classroom have their different stories and personalities. And that may be how you are group in your class. Every one have their group it may be according to your style. or to your personality, or to your status, or to your choice of fashion trends. And in BACOMM IB i guess we are group according to you. it's up to you were group you want to be. In mens group? nahhh cause i think we only have 4 men and some are just half. no just kidding! Or if you want to belong in the group of kiddo's from Lucban,Lucena and Tayabas. Well to tell you my life in COMM IB is so simple i always want to go home in Laguna that's why i cant spend so much time chillin and jammin with them. But during class days im with Jullian's group or sometimes by myself cause i enjoy sleeping in my pad so i'd rather go home than to chit chat with some of them. They call our class as "COMBILICIOUS". tugshh tugshh we aint party animals but we love to party. And i can say is even though we are divided by this groups we are still one. And we are still with this smile till the end.

  86. In our class,COMBI(communication-B),we have different personalities. Theses are the following:
    TF(Talkative Forever)
    -This are the people that used to talk and talk but sometimes they limit tier self from talking in the middle of the discussion and the teacher said "Ok,class",they start and refrain from talking up to the hallway of the building.
    UFS(Unique Fashion Statements)
    -This are the people that have unique and fabulous outfits when "wash day". They are cool in their different style but behind this ,they are the simple people you've met.
    OC(Over Confidence)
    -Ususual,with an over,over confidence.(nothing more to say)
    FBSO(Funny But Serious One)
    -They are the apple of the eye of the class because they are annoying that seem they are clowns but they are serious in life and most of all about love.
    BP(Brainy People)
    -From the meaning itself,brainy means full of knowledge. They memorized all of the lectures we've been discussed.Sometimes they are KJ or "kill joy".
    Classified into different personalities but still bonded to each other until we deeply know each of us. This is only the first semester we had. Hopefully,we are still classmates for the next semester coming.

    Era Abigail Galapati
    BA Comm I-B

  87. I differentiate my classmates with their different behaviour like whenever we have in the classroom, they are always talk about their love life and crushes.Some of them are serious and just focused on their studies.Some of them was so naughty and at the same time cool.Suffice it to say they have different personalities and characteristics thay they adapt in their own sorrundings or town.

  88. We all know that today’s classrooms are a lot different than they used to be. Let’s start with the average student. These students will do what they need to get by, get decent grades, will participate in activities and discussions in the classroom, and will probably complete their homework.Gifted and talented students tend to be the overachievers. They will go above and beyond what is required of them to do and may even request extra work from their teachers.

    Gifted and talented students tend to be the overachievers. They will go above and beyond what is required of them to do and may even request extra work from their teachers.These students sometimes make it challenging for teachers because they constantly need to be challenged.

    What about the students who do nothing?
    They failed and get low grades.But Maybe all they need is someone that is willing to hear them out and really care for them.

    Jennifer D. Fulgar

  89. Such a nice topic huh??! i would love to create a blog for this ..

    Well for almost five months of being together in the same room , i could classify them according to the different behavior of each and everyone of us !

    Those CALL CENTER AGENTS-- who never stop talking even when its not necessary to talk that much .. they are the ones who are very "maiingay" funny but sometimes it gets too annoying that you couldn't focus your attention on what was your doing because of their very talkative mouth.

    The ANNOUNCERS-- these classmates of mine are the ones who are always aware of what was happening inside the university and their hobby is to announce everything that needs to be spread . it is quite good because students are being informed but sometimes its quite irritating, especially when the announcement is about financial issues ..

    TEXTERS.COM--who's always active on GM's and is very fond of forwarding quotations.. these people are those who still manage to text even when when there's a quiz .. haha. (am i one of them??)

    BRAINY HIGH--these are the combi's "SOURCE" whenever there's an exam or quiz .. they are very conscious about their grades and always make it a point of being the top in the class ..

    But whatever differences that we are having, right from this moment a swear i really love all of these people who makes my college life exciting !
    Sad I'll be leaving them very soon and yes .. I'll miss them them .. i definitely will !
    jUstlOvEtHeCOMBIsOmUcH c:

  90. "BA communication 1-B students?"...I can say we are all have own personality.

    Like their are these students that so FABULOSO?...they are always on the scene like a star haha like their have their own catwalk or like a model maybe.

    Their are also students here like mga EPAL?...they are always like "NAKIKISALI kahit hindi naman kasali sa uspan".

    here are also mga BEKIMON?...haha these are the so called GAY people or third sex. They are always like a loud radar that always sirens.

    SILENT TYPE?...they are just silent but somtimes also laugh.

    JOKER!!...these people are always happy and laugh, rain or shine. haha !

    and many more because we are all different but when we get together we are all happy!

    Hiedee R. Salva
    BA Comm 1-B

  91. We have different characteristics, attitudes and personality. Personality that maybe differ but same in other manner.
    Parasites- they are students that is always begging for a piece of paper.
    Borrowers I.D- they are students that always borrow ball pen or pencil.
    Canteen Personnel- they are students that always in the canteen to buy a lot of foods that sometimes they look like a personnel in the canteen.
    Alzheimer Patient- they are the students always forget their assignments and projects on their house
    Cellphone Technician- they are students that always holding their cellphones rather than a ball pen
    Supervisor- they are students that not listening to the teacher and just feel at home inside the room
    Visitors- those students that not always wear the proper uniform
    Shifters- they are the students that always plan to shift on other course but at the end they stick on the same course
    Relax- they are the students that always relax even they have quiz and exams
    Home Addict- they are the students that always want to go home or go at their own boarding house and didn't wants to hang with friends
    Time Manager- they are students that always looking at their watch and always saying "Ma'am it's already time"
    Accountant- they are the students that always busy just to collect payment in their funds.
    Dean's Lister- they are students that so conscious about their grades and give their 101% time, effort, knowledge and determination in every subjects
    Even we are have different personality we have same mission and vision and to be a successful on the future. :)

    John Jimwell M. Atienza
    BAComm 1B

  92. What could i say on my classmates, they're behaviors are different from each other specially the girls. Well of course the girls, because the majority of our class is made up of cute and funky ladies. Some of them are kinda mahinhin but suddenly if you'll just see them laugh they're terrible, just joking. my other classmates were maingay during classes. Some are moody, and some are like sheeps because they are so quiet. There are times when i ask one of them on something and just snob me like i was a ghost. Well those are my classmates and their different behaviors.

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  94. My classmates is funny during the class. They even try to joke to the teachers so that we all become happy. They are quite cool and different unlike my high school classmates. They can manage all the things even in an hectic schedule of our class. They are open to help each other in a lesson that the teachers given to us. I like to be them during the party they are not boring so the party will continue until the morning comes. We are all full of enjoyment with the things we did.We are happy that we are "combilicios".

    Ronald Aldwin C. Cortes

  95. Miafe R. Eranista
    BEEd 1-B

    The best shot of arms is encouragement and that lesson I've learn from my teacher. They are the one who influence the lives of many students . This commercial is all about a students who influence by his teacher to be strong to fulfill all his dreams. His teacher trying her best to help him . If we fail try again and again because there is always a second chance and everything happen for a reason . I can say that we are lucky to have a teacher who teach us to be good and to be a productive students. am proud to have them .