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Method of Paragraph Development by DEFINITION

           Words often have different meanings based on their use. Look at the following example:

           Death is the capital  punishment for most countries around the world.
           The capital of Finland is Helsinki.

           Notice how the word capital is used differently in the two statements. Capital in the first sentence means major or principal while the second one means city or town that is the official seat of government in a country or state. This is why as a writer, you need to be highly skilled in defining for your message to be grasped by your readers clearer, easier and faster.

            There are two major ways by which you can define words: (1) formally and (2) informally.

A formal definition is a sentence that contains three parts:

(1) the term that needs defining (species);
(2) the class to which the item belong (genus); and
(3) the differentiation of that item from the other forms belonging to the class (differentia).


Technical writing writing committed to factual information
    (Species)           (Genus)    (Differentia)
From the example, we can define the term in question as follows: Technical writing is a form of writing that is committed to factual information.

            The second way by which you can define terms is through informal definitions. Informal definitions are partial or incomplete definitions. It does not define a term in its complete sense as it can be based on the writer’s experience. The two common informal definitions are operational definitions and synonyms.

¨ Operational Definitions give the meaning of an abstract word for one particular time and place. This is also called as an agreed-upon criterion. For an instance, an executive may define program success as a 10% increase in company profits. If that quota was reached, then, the program is indeed successful.

¨ Synonyms are words that mean the same as another word. It can only be effective when it is better known than the term being defined.

   There are three ways by which you can use synonyms to define a word inside the text itself. One is through the use of parenthesis, another is the use of dashes and lastly, the use of an appositive.


Parenthesis Most of the rock consists of calcium carbonate. (limestone)
The fossil algae (stromatolites) take many forms.

Dash Mount Oberlin and many other pyramidal peaks—matter horns—owe their distinctive form to the erosive action
of glaciers on two or more sides of the peak.

Appositive/ End of Sentence
The Atlyn Formation was deposited in a shallow, warm sea,
an environment indicated by the presence of fossil algae
called stromatolites.

           Aside from these, a word can be defined through denotation and connotation. Denotation is the literal or exact dictionary meaning of the word. Connotation, however, involves all the associations related to the word. The connotative meanings of a word exist together with the denotative meanings. If you look at the meaning of the word snake in the dictionary, you may see this—”any of numerous limbless, scaly, elongate reptiles of the suborder Serpentes, comprising venomous and nonvenomous species inhabiting tropical and temperate areas.” But in terms of its connotative meaning, snakes may mean evil, treacherous or insidious enemy.

Here is an example of a paragraph that uses definition as a method of development.

           Questions can be many different things. A question can be an inquiring sentence which asks for a reply, as in "I have a question for you." The word can also refer to whatever subject matter is at hand, as in the sentence, "The question of ethics is a hot topic nowadays." A question can refer to some sort of doubt or uncertainty, as in "There is no question I'm the best man for the job." Used as a verb, to question can mean the instance or act of questioning, such as "Police questioned the suspect." You can question whether something is right or question a celebrity for an interview. If you "pop the question," you are proposing to your sweetheart! Therefore, a question can mean many things to many people.


  1. Choose a method of definition that will be more appropriate in defining COMMUNICATION.

  2. Communication, process of conversing with either using an instrument or simply with your mouth. In other words "hilig gawin ng taklesa".

    How would I define it? By informative definition, by self definition. As simple as it may seem, the word covers a lot of our everyday life. You communicate when you talk, when you write a poem, when you read a book, when you think about something, when you watch TV and even when you simply look a person in the eyes. Contact, physically or not, when it sent a massage, it's automatically communication.

    Simple but complex, thats "Communication". The world i want to live in.

    I'm Andrian V. Sogocio, B.A. Communication 1-A, and I approve this blog. (I am such a line stealer)

  3. Communication: Cannot be learned,

    The first thing that people must learn is how to communicate. Many people say that a good communicator must be a good mathematician also. Anyway, communication is a skill in which a person develops his\her own capability of socializing to other people. It is also one way on how you are going to express your feelings. There are two forms of communication. It's either verbal communication or non-verbal communication. When we say verbal communication, it can be in the form of oral speaking, hand gestures or body language. It is non-verbal when you are not communicating directly. Text messages through cellphone is a form of non-verbal communication. The word communication is not only a form of socialization, rather, it is also one way of knowing each other better.

    Danica O. Cabalsa
    BA Communication I-A


    ..the art of expressing ideas
    ..the science of transmitting information.People have known that communication is an important part of life.
    This is the best way on how you will express out your emotions.If you are good to communicate to others,you can effectively understand each other.It is important to have self-development and trust to have a winning communication skills.Communication can be of different types such as verbal communication, non verbal communication and written communication. In case of verbal communication, it is merely by using speech and language that the communication takes place. In case of non verbal communication, there is no exchange of words, but it may be gestures or signs or facial expressions that are used for communication. Good communication skills are an added advantage and people with good communication skills are an asset to any organization as these people can work their way around the others because of their communication skills.

    Effective communication leads to the full definition.

  5. Communication is not really a hard thing.All you need is a wild understanding and knowledge for us to know the message of everyone of us.Communication is a way on how you express you feeling and what's on your mind.It also a way on other socialize to others.You may classify a communication as verbal and non-verbal. It is verbal when it is being expressed by speaking and writing.It is non-verbal when it is being expressed by gestures or what we called body language.Communication is very essential in our daily lives because we cannot understand each other without communication.

  6. When first heard, "communication" may come to our minds as the exchange of information of a person to another using a medium or not. Yes, it is true. But we can notice that it has several other meanings in different aspects which can be tangible or intangible. Let's first look up on it's origin and etymology; it comes from the Latin word "communicare" meaning "to share." From the dictionary, it can refer to a process of exchanging informations or something transmitted which are intangible. In biology, it can refer to an activity by which an organism has the potential to change the behavior of another organism which is also intangible. In industry, it can refer to a passage or route for transportation or it can refer materials like documents, papers, telephones, radios, televisions, computers, etc. used in the exchange of informations which are tangible. There are also other meanings of communication based on the experiences or views of other people. It may mean a lot but its meanings are common or related because they just point out on the words: influence, transmit, and exchange of information. It is such a very important word in today's life in shaping the world's civilization and people's lives because if there's no word "communication" in the world, all people would have a big and lasting hardship in living.


  7. Communication Regulations...

    Simply the study of giving attention to people. Its a process whereby information is enclosed in a package and is channeled and imparted by a sender to a receiver via some medium. That is the definition of communication. But when you seek for larger reality, there so many definition and meaning of the word communication. It can be in Media or even on over a small relation of talks to ourselves. Communication exists since the world begun. Communication requires that all parties have an area of communicative commonality. This can be on arts, sciences, technology and even on religion. We can think big as we communicate big. Communication really matters. It is a continuous process of living. ;-)

  8. The very function of civilization is based on the ability of people to communicate with each other. But.. How does an individual manage to say or tell his or her thoughts to his or her fellow individual? How do they interact with one another? Well, there enters the so called "COMMUNICATION" which i know all of you is very familiar with. And in order to have a better relationship with yourself, it is important to understand the definition of communication. But before i tell you other ideas, cause i think we are getting further on the topic itself, let me first define the word "communication". Communication is the exchange of thoughts or ideas and information from one person to another. It includes transmitting of ideas or feeling to a receiver. Communication is easily overlooked by others. But what they don't know is, the ability and importance of communication, become much more crucial especially when we need to fulfill a goal, or should i say, a mission.

  9. Communication is simply an interaction..

    This is the way how people understand each other.By talking or even in gestures.There is always an act of communication in everything that we do.There are lots of ways to communicate to each other.Many kinds of languages are being used to communicate.All forms of communication require a sender, a message, and an intended recipient.To be more effective the means of communication,one must listen to what the one is saying.If they don't understand each other you cannot say that good communication was done.This is what the word communication means.

    Zaira T. De La Peña
    BA.Comm. I-a

  10. The word communication means the act or process of giving or exchanging of information,signals,or messages as by talk,gestures,or writing.In my own words,the word communication is the process on or sharing of thoughts,ideas or information.It is something that is communicated,such is a piece of news.It is a way of passing on information,such as by telephone,radio or television.When we communicate we pass on or make known to someone or even to share thoughts or feelings.Its is so nice to know that we communicate well to each other.It just mean that we are a true and a good communicator.In business communicating effectively in speaking and writing is very useful.So,if you want to be a successful person in the future learn to communicate.Be a good communicator now and in the future!

    Carl Vincent I. Hernandez
    BA COMM 1A

  11. Rolynda N.Quimora
    BA Comm.I-B

    What comes to your mind when you hear the word "COMMUNICATION?"

    Well,for me COMMUNICATION is simple the means of sending messages. It can also be define as the giving and exchanging of information either by speech or writing. In communication we can understand each other. It is also a mean of socializing to other people. There are forms of communication, it can verbal or non-verbal.
    And I as a communication student, I should the confidence to communicate to others, because I think having a high self confidence really matters in communicating to others. It is also an essential element to make powerful your communication skills.And by a simple definition COMMUNICATION is important in our daily lives.

  12. Being a communication student, you must lead your ears to listen what other people are saying and talk if it 's your time to talk. Changing of different point of views in life is a form of communication. Communicating through the use of modern technology is communication also. It is not just a talking, sometimes even our action can help us communicate. When we nod our head, it's the way of showing that we agree with what others are saying. It may also lead to arguments due to "misunderstanding." Talking about something to clear things up is one way of communicating. Therefore, we can define communication in different ways and it is not only deals with talking but also it deals with the way we act to something that we can't tell directly to someone.

    Kassandra Cay E. Toque

  13. "COMMUNICATION", One of the most important thing in the Universe especially on man.

    How would people understand each other without communication? Do you think human would be able to express their thoughts and feelings without communication? Communication is a way of communicating to other people. There are a lot of kind of communication such as verbal and non-verbal and so on. Some communication uses channel to deliver the message. Communication is one way of expressing feelings. It is also the process of delivering information. Communication happens at any level, in many different ways and in certain machines. Many are able to communicate verbally and some communicate through special language such as sign language.

    Dyanlee A. Laspiñas

  14. Communication is defined as the science and practice of transmitting information. It is a way of giving and sharing information to others by different ways of it. Communication comes in form of oral or written communication. We communicate, orally, through our own efforts of speaking and direct conversation with people. Our voice is our instrument in this type of communication. One example of this is when a broadcaster broadcasts news in public and he is able to appropriately use his voice for people to understand every details of what he is saying. Another type of communication is the written communication. Texting, chatting and sending letters belong to this type of communication. The use of electronic gadgets like cell phone is involved in this type of communication. But whatever type of communication is used, one thing can be concluded, Communication connects people and without this, there would be no understanding between people.

  15. "To speak and to speak well are two things. A fool may talk, but a wise man speaks."


    what is communication???
    There are many definitions of communication. Communication is the way of conveying and expressing our thoughts to others. Communication is a process whereby information is enclosed in a package and is channeled and imparted by a sender to a receiver via some medium.
    Communication requires that all parties have an area of communicative commonality. Communication can be classify as verbal, by which we can express our thoughts in terms of words with the medium of our voice. And also can be classify as non-verbal communication, which uses sign languages to express there feelings and thoughts. There are many definitions of communication, and is so wide..

    Communication is very important in our lives because, without communication we cannot express our selves.

    Talking is like playing on the harp; there is as much in laying the hands on the strings to stop their vibration as in twanging them to bring out their music.

    Gerald O. Pano

  16. As far as I know, communication is a broad term which is filled with many facts or simply it is a word that signifies talking with somebody. In an emotive term, it is not only expressed outside, it is also expressed inside. People are blessed because we have communication which comes first on our thought and applied verbally or non-verbally by our body parts. Communication may be as what people are doing everyday…talking. It is also a part of mass media wherein it is very useful. It is also a course where I am now. There are many facts about it but what I like most there is that it is an art of giving new life to somebody’s broken heart because I can fix any relationship by means of encouraging them from my own way of talking. I admit that it is hard to talk to a person when they are feeling down, but as I started to communicate with them, I become an instrument of peace. Communication is inspiration and inspiration can be a good topic to have communication. I just want to say: “Love communicating and it will be a way for you to be a good speaker”.


  17. Communication; A Power comes from the Knowledge

    Well for me communication is an important way to express yourself to others.
    It's an effective tool to provide understanding to the person whom you talk with.
    It's the most essential factor in establishing unity in your community or even to the whole society.
    It is the key in imposing understanding in every individual and is the most used process in dealing with other people.
    Communication does not mean popularity or power because for example, we are Filipinos and most of us usually use our native tongue so that others will get advantage on it by the use of other foreign languages most especially English just to impress to the public.
    Communication will be done successfully if we'll just use it properly.
    It is like a power, because without this, there's no organization.
    And if we'll just use it for our own interest then i believe that were just using it and not give any reverence on it.
    It's a power too because it can be use for a change.
    Its a power comes from the knowledge that everybody must nourish it.

    Mark John MIciano
    BA-Comm 1-A
    October 08, 2010

  18. Communication is a process of transmitting information/message through a channel from the sender to the receiver and the response to the message is called the feedback or response.

    I choose formal definition because it is the most commonly used and easier to understand. This type of definition is also the one we commonly see in the dictionary. When we are reading books or encountered some words that are not familiar to us, the dictionary is the first one we can consult and the dictionary uses this type of defining words.

    Elouise Anne A. De Luna

  19. It is one of the most essential activities of the human race, without it, definitely there would be no Shakespeare nor Plato and even our very own Jose Rizal. It is the magic that enables one to sway millions as shown in writings,declamations and speech. That's how I am going to define you the simple yet relevant meaning of communication. Communication is simply a way of expressing thoughts and ideas, it may be through writing,reading, listening and speaking. Whatever form of communication you are using as long a there is a form of media and clear understanding the communication is effective. Communication is more than a two-way street cause it is a meeting of minds. No one can ever communicate perfectly, but to the degree that the received matches the meaning intended by the sender, communication takes place. An orderly and systematic sequence of communication involves giving and receiving ideas and feelings between two or more person that results in a response. Communication is also a social process which involves relationships among people that results to changes. It enables man to understand that he may reach the goals which he sets for himself and which are set for him by the group he belongs.

    BA COMM 1-A

  20. Communication is the primary reason why we can understood one another.
    I am a communication student.Studying a lot about communication. So what is Communication?
    Communication is he act of communicating as many people said. But communication isnt just communicating. If you do have a good communicating skills, listeners will never get bored of you. You can be an announcer, host or even a broadcaster. You will know different languages, understand it and you can even speak it.
    You can do a lot of things in terms of communication. so do so communicate now and love communication

    BA. COMM. 1A

  21. Maria Bernadette P. Laguador

    What is communication?Communication is the process of passing information between two or more people in such a way that each understands exactly what the others is saying.It is more than trying to make people understand; they aim at changing people's behavior. It is also the act of communicating an intercourse or exchange of ideas, conveyance of information.Communication is a "HIGHWAY" of passage:a telephone, telegraph or radio system. It is very important to know what is the meaning of this word especially for us because we are taking Bachelor of Arts Major in Communication. Everyday we communicate to different people, we can express our ideas, views, feelings or moods by means of speaking. Can you imagine the world without communication?for me if that happens our life will be useless.I want to finish this course and someday I want to be a famous broadcaster. I can describe my dream as a "HIGHWAY" although it is very high , it is not impossible to be there. And to be able to make our dreams come true, we should believe and strive on what we want.

  22. "COMMUNICATION" our everyday word.
    "COMMUNICATION" means speaking.
    "COMMUNICATION" means writing.
    "COMMUNICATION" means reading.
    "COMMUNICATION" means interacting.
    "COMMUNICATION" means expressing ideas.

    "COMMUNICATION" is simple as that.

    sarah jane homonlay
    ba comm. 1A

  23. Ivy Rose R. Joyosa
    BA-Comm. 1A

    Communication, a process wherein sharing of thoughts and opinions are done or simply defined as CONVERSATION. It has a cycle including a sender, the message, the channel and the receiver. But how can you be a good communicator or a sender of a message? Does it have a rules and regulation or does it have a process or method to follow? In every profession of course communication exist, we can communicate in many ways. When we heard the word communication different ways occur in our mind. It can be done through text, phone calls, chat on he social networks in he internet, or it can be in a form of letter, and even reading a books, or by a simple conversation. Even non-verbal can be classified as communication as long as there is a message. Being a good communicator must know what was the appropriate words for the situation . When it`s in a business deal, or a teacher teaching her student it must be in a formal conversation. You must have the knowledge for the things you will say and there are a lot of more but whatever it is you must think that when you talk use your mind and your heart communication is there for you o discover the beauty of different WORDS..

  24. COMMUNICATION?...what is communication?,it is our way of having conversation to other people,even we use different channels or different modems to communicate. Were applying in our daily lives. no communication means no understanding, that's how communication goes. It is the easiest way to share thoughts and ideas.In communicating, there will be somebody to talk to,who will listen to, somebody who will share some thoughts too so you will have conversation,a way in communication. It needs a listener,a speaker and sometimes it needs a channel. It is not hard to communicate ,but you have to be tackfull.not tackless. Good communicator means your senseful,because your directing to the point and not talking too much, just to say your point. communication help us a lot, because we can easily expressed our self by communicating so they can understand us immediately. Communication is a way to world peace, if only everyone would be a good communicator,for sure we can achieve it.

  25. Communication is the process of converting sounds into a more recognizable and clear concepts of putting ideas in words or either oral. Once you try to communicate, you acquire information, knowledge, data and facts. It's not only a form of social interaction

  26. Communication have many meanings depending how we define it and use it. Communicating other people is so important in our daily routines, we can understand each other by means of communicating with the same language or by using sign languages for those deaf.

    Communication is either verbal or non-verbal depends in what you need.Communication must have the communicative area.There are the auditory means (if i'm not mistaken) such us song, speech and tone of voice. There are also non-verbal use of communication by means of paralanguage, signs, body language and eve eye contact throuhg blinking of the eye (i don't now what it is called) and also through media like pictures, videos, mails, sounds and of course writing.

    Communication has many areas that we can define. Like Business communication, technical, oral and also public speaking. Communication also have disorders base on what i researched, like speech disorders and impairments of other people. To generalize, communication is such a wonderful gift that God given to us and through communicating you can express you feelings an tell what you feel for somebody you love.

    James Russel Rondilla
    of BA-Communication 1A

  27. Communication is the process of converting sounds into a more recognizable and clear concepts of putting ideas in words or in oral. Once you try to communicate, you acquire information, knowledge, data and facts. It is not only a form of social interaction but in a deeper sense a form of social understanding and mobility. It can either be verbal or non verbal. The nonverbal communication is the process of receiving and sending wordless messages. On the other hand, verbal communication is a way to communicate through the use of sounds, words and language as its fundamental component. Moreover, communication engulfs four aspects. This includes reading, writing, listening and speaking - the most abused of all. And over 3,000 languages and dialects are spoken everyday in the world reflects the society's cultural background, tradition, and behavior. No wonder how communication greatly affect our social consciousness and personality formation.

    Richard Clado
    BA Communication 1A

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  29. caselyn said...

    As a BA-Comm student,we know how to communicate to other people.This is the way of how we can express ourselves,to tell what we are trying to say.If we don't have communication, we don't understand what other people trying to tell us,or to have a confusion because of that.Communication can help us to be more confident because we always communicating other people.It can also help us because if you are a good communicator,you can be a good leader to many people and you can do all your duties.Many people are successful because communicators are good listener. If you are good listener,you will gain more knowledge that you can share to others that leads you to be a good communicator.You can do a lot of things in terms of communication.It's a power too because it can be use for a change. “Love communicating because it will be good for you in the future.

    Caselyn C. Redimano
    BA-Communication 1A

  30. Imagine a world without words.Will it be possible for us to impart the feelings that we have inside?Insanity would probably invade human society.That is how necessary communication is.Literally speaking,communication is a process whereby information is enclosed in a package and is channeled and imparted by a sender to a receiver via some medium.Generally,it is simply an act of sharing and expressing one's knowledge from one person to another.On the other hand,based on its connotative meaning,it can refer to links,messages,and any form of art that enable people to connect with one another.A medium is such a necessary stuff for an effective communication.Once the medium failed to interpret the idea of a sender,definitely misunderstanding will be expected.Therefore,communication can be defined as a primary mean of living.

    Nestly Anne P. Abadier
    BA Communication-IA

  31. Complexity of Communication…

    Sender, Message, Channel, Receiver, Noise, Feedback- they are just some of the words that pop out in my mind whenever I hear the term communication. Its diverse complexity resulted into various meanings associated with it.

    Communication is the transfer of information from one person to the other. It undergoes processes in order to come up with mutual understanding.

    It can be classified as verbal or non-verbal. Verbal by which we speak, and non-verbal by which it is written or by means of signs and symbols.

    Different people have also different interpretation of communication. There are some which are just simple while the others are such complicated.

    As time goes by, meanings of communications continue to evolve, and its not very shocking because that’s how complex communication is.

    Coleen Bernadeth E. Mayor
    BA Comm. 1A

  32. Meanings behind Communication…

    Communication is not just a simple term, but rather a diversified one. It conveys a lot of meaning, behind that single word.

    One best meaning of communication is that it’s the exchange of information between individuals. The ultimate goal of communication is to produce understanding. In order for us to have this, we need to overcome all the barriers of communication. We need to be a good sender and receiver of information as well. All things must be taken into consideration, to come up with a successful communication process.

    At the end of the day, it still depends on the communicologists, for us to prove that communication is really an exchange of information. The key to a successful communication process is all in our hands. Truly, communication conveys a lot of meanings that need to be proven.

    Lyrose Joy T. Custodio
    BA Comm. 1A

  33. Communication as we all know is very important to all of us because this is our way in communicating to one another.

    Communication is means of communicating or giving information in a way of a letter,message,etc...

    It is also a learned skill. It is a process whereby information is enclosed in a package and imported by the sender.

    Most people are born with the physical ability.We must learn to speak well and communicates effectively. Our ability to understand verbal and non-verbal forms are skills we develop in a various ways.We also learn basic communication by observing other people and modeling our behaviors based on what we see.


  34. Everyone loves to communicate,love to express what they feel and love to say what they wanna say.All of this is done through communication.

    Communication- simply do not refer to the way in which we communicate with another person. It encompasses many other things - the way in which we respond to the person we are speaking, body gestures including the facial ones, pitch and tone of our voice and a lot of other things.

    -The term communication embraces a large field. 'Communication' can be defined in terms of academic as it relates to ALL methods we use in communicating - both verbal and nonverbal. The verbal communication includes volume, tone, intonation, pronounciation . The nonverbal communication can be further expressed via body language, hand gestures, face expression, space control and physical appearance.

    - is a process of transffering a message (in two ways: to and from). If it's good communication what one wants to say is understood in the same way by the other (and vice versa). Good communication requires to be good listeners and strong E.Q.

    -can be between any two parties


  35. How will a person understand a simple thought if he didn't know how to communicate. Communication has a big deal in our entire life, one will not succeed if doesn't know how to. I define communication as having conversation with another or with a group it could verbal or non verbal. in communication both are shares information's, knowledge, data s, and sometimes you can know a persons' feeling.

    Communication doesn't need to be always verbal, as they always say "actions do speak louder than words". Sometimes it more appropriate to be more non-verbal than verbal.

    Maridole S. Ayala
    BS-HRM IIIC/ BA Comm 1A 10:30-12:00 TTh

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  37. Communication is very influential thing in this world. Without communication how we know the current issues. News is important for us to know what's happening in this world. It serves as a rule in which individual can store and receive information. Business sectors fullfilled with their operation because of communication. Its their basic need for them to set orders, distribute and then gave them the feedback for the betterment of the business.

    For us students, communication lends the way to the continous bond we have in our family, relative and friends.

    Jahziel Beltran

  38. As a B.A Communication student i must say that communication is the passage way of making a conversation. It is the applicable way of learning our second language which is English. Through communication we can understand and learn lot of things. As communication comes to my mind the first thing that comes out is making an information through speaking English. Some people said that communication is their passion because they can speak and they are fluent in english. As for now many student take up this course because for them, studying this can help them to find a better job, just like in Office, a Call Center agent or must be a Tour Guide. Studying communication is really need because if you want to go abroad you can never be shy to speak in english. Communication is an important matter that goes in and out to us through the words we speak. This thought is really in my own words, hope you understand it. Learning communication is not easy, i must say that it is a responsibility for speaking second language.

    B.A COMM 1-A
    Dhanica Rose V. Salvanera

  39. We can easily understand what is communication but how can we define it? For me, communication is a way of communicating with other people by talking, sign languages or by sending messages through electronic devices such as mobile phones and computers. Communication is a way of expressing oneself. Communicating is not only by other people around us but also to our own self. We can do this by writing poems and composing different kind of songs. We have different definition and interpretation in the word COMMUNICATION, but for me to make it easy, “communication is a way of communicating of the communicator to other communicator.”

    Life is boring without communication. Life is quiet without communication. Life is worthless without communication. Life is nothing without it because communication is the universal way in conversation.

    Alyssa Mae O. Baldovino

  40. Everyone knows how to communicate because we must have to learn it from our childhood beginnings.Communication is a primer way of speaking and understanding.It also deals with socialization and simply conversation with other people. We can communicate in various ways.By using gadgets or even sign languages.Without communication is useless.It is part of our life.Communication also defined as a process of conveying ideas and information.Proper way of communicating means a good listener,too.Sometimes, we encounter improper communication because of emotions that burst in our heart.Therefore,communication is a universal feelings.

    Era Abigail Galapati
    BA Comm I-B

  41. Considering the fact that communication is used in everyday living, it is one of the basic things we should learn and practice to survive life. If a deaf and mute could communicate in their own way, who are we not to try to communicate? They say "the best way to keep a relationship, either friendship or more, is to continuously communicate." Well, I agree. Most would really. So most of the time, girls are known for being much better in handling relationships, not because they could love more but because they communicate more often.

    BA-COMM 1B

  42. What do you think is the meaning of COMMUNICATION? Based on Merriam-Webster, pp.130, the meaning of the communication is ; the act of communicating or the exchange of thoughts between persons by means of speech letters etc. Yeah!! This thing is right, but for me there is so many ways to communicate. And the communication really help a lot in not just an individual, but it helps the whole world.I think it helps the aliens too (just kidding). Communication is all we need tomorrow, and in the futures. As a communication student, I only know the main and basic meaning of the word communication. That's why I'm here in SLSU to study the real and complete meaning of this word. And I trust this school because even if it is not know for its popularity and quality. For me this school can help the students like me to gather a knowledge that we will need in our future.And I hope that this school help me find a lot of thing about the course I am taking which is, COMMUNICATION.

    Genesis C. Saliendra
    BA-Comm 1A

  43. COMMUNICATION- an art, an act, an expression.
    Communication is an art of making conversation into others. It is an act of negotiating and showing ones expression by means of different instrument. Also, communication can be done directly by means of orating, declaiming, etc. if it is indirect, different technological instrument can be used such as: telephone, cell phone, computer internet, fax machine, etc. Communication allow us to show our own opinion about different walks of living. It is the key of successful business. It is composed of a speaker, a channel, and a receiver. Sometimes only speaker and receiver. Communication is also classified as verbal ( can communicate under direct communication like chatting and having speech) and non-verbal (can communicate by means of writing, eye contact, touching, sign language, and paralanguage). Now we can say that communication is really important in our lives. It is the voice of all nations. The goal of our country.

    BA COMM 1A

  44. Just “SIMPLY” and "SIMPLE" Communication

    Communication is part of our daily lives. When we’re still inside our mother’s womb, we are already communicating with her. We let her feel that we are alive and wants to live in the outside world. When we’re in the childhood stage, we do communicate by learning some words, by a non-verbal communication like showing our love & care to everyone around us like hugging them. As years go by, we face challenges. We become resilient to any problems because we had undergone the process of learning - sending and receiving messages. Well, “no man is an island.” And so we may not be what we are now because of our interaction with other people through communication.

    Vaughn Carl V. Salameda
    BA-Communication 1A

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  46. Since we exist in the world, communication is already part of it.

    To express, to show and to reveal those are the purposes of communication into our daily lives.

    But, what is COMMUNICATION?

    For me, Communication is an art of speech which two people interact with one another. It has two types and those are formal communication which use for formal purposes and informal communication which can be use in our typical speaking. But still, it also depends to the situation and place. They say that "Communicators are good listeners", and I strongly agree with that because how can we communicate well if we could not understand what he/she trying to say. How can we express our selves and other's feelings if theres no such as thing communication. Communication is really important from every individual because it stands for our longing life and breath.

    How can we live without Communication?, a tool which represents as our guide and basis to have a better nation. And, how can we live with communication?, which majority of the people abusing it. Love to communicate, and love communication.

    Jazzper B. Pacheco
    BA COMM 1A

  47. Communication is very important to people because how can we understand each other if we don't know how to communicate. Also, communication is very important to one's country because the language that they are using symbolizes their freedom. It plays a role to everyone of us because it holds a bond that can connect people. It is also a way of sharing one's thought and expressing one's feelings. Communication, sometimes can led a misunderstanding that's why it's very powerful in some way, it happens only when two different people can't express what they want because they aren't bilinguists. In communication the speaker must broaden whatever he's saying so it'll be easy for the receiver to understand. Speaking isn't the only one that describes communication, it also includes the nonverbal communication or body language for those who are disabled. They use their hands for example so that the receiver will understand what the sender is trying to say. In writing, the writer is the one who communicates to the readers to emphasize those things he wants to be known by the readers. Reading also plays an important role in communicating just like in writing because this is where the reader and the writer understand whatever it is they want to be understood.

  48. "COMMUNICATION" our universal way of communicating to other people. Exchange of information or ideas, passing along,letter, or message through our gadgets like mobile phones and computer.Such messages can be communicated through gesture, body language or posture, facial expression and eye contact, object communication such as clothing, hairstyles or even architecture, or symbols. Communication is a process by which meaning is assigned to create shared understandings. We all need communication ,because if we don't have this how can we communicate to other people,to our love ones and so on. Nowadays learning English is very important ,as far as I know we Filipinos are the one who understand English well. And we must be proud of it. Lastly,Communication is also a social process which make the relationships to lasts long.

    Andrea Niel Tobias
    BA COMM-1B

  49. One way of expressing your ideas and thoughts is communication. It goes in different ways. We can communicate through verbal communication or simply talking to other people. We can also communicate through letters or with the use of new devices brought by modern technology such as cellphones, computers, etc. Actually communication is not easy as we thought it was. We should have knowledge when communicating because it is possible that the one we are communicating with might get hurt. We can also communicate through writings like poem, essay, and story. Through this we can share to others our feelings if we don't know how to express it directly. Communication can help us understand easily other people. Communication in general, is very essential in one's life.

  50. COMMUNICATION embraces te variety of behaviors, processes, and technologies by which meaning is transmitted or derived from information. The term is used to describe diverse activities: conversation; data exchange between computers; courting beavior of birds; the emotional impact of a work of art; te course of a rumor; and the network of nervous and metabolic subsystems that make up the body's immune system. This article focuses on human communication ,including interpersonal communication, language and verbal beavior, and te anthropological aspects of communication in the society. And that's a definition of communication. We can understand the other people if we are going to communicate with them. Everyone of us needs it and even the animals.

    Charlene L. Franza
    BA COMM 1-B

  51. What does Communication means? Communication defines as the process of channeled and imparted by a sender to a receiver via some medium. It is a way of exchanging a conversation through technological devices like cell phone, computer, etc., and even by just having an interaction with others. Nowadays, many high technology gadgets have been made/ invented; it is easier for the people on how they communicate with their loved ones whenever it’s too far from them. For example, a OFW left the Philippines and his family just to work abroad to earn money, it’s too far from here and it would take a few years for him to comeback. He missed his family so much and because of the cell phone, computer and the internet, they will minimize their absence to each other because even if they’re apart, they still have a communication and will not be withdrawn anymore.

    Julianne Christel Valdeabella

  52. “Communication”
    So what is it?
    Got any idea?
    Or got any brain perhaps? (Just kidding =D)

    Let me give you my own imaginative way of defining communication. Well here’s a little something from my twisted brain.

    You can go around the globe to figure out what communication is. But ask this question to clueless passer by’s and you’ll find yourself getting nothing. They would probably give you the blockbuster answer… “Communication helps us understand each other.” (Yah right!) But besides those kind of people, there are still those type who can define communication in a deeper way. Like me for instance,(=D) I do believe that communication is the root of life. Why? Coz it is merely our holding ground, our anchor and passage of everything absorbed from the soil, which is life. The world around us is overflowing with knowledge. And if would be able to understand and respond towards the things around us, then we would be able to grow and even distribute or give back those knowledge that we have gained. Without a root, life may never exist at all, well it may, but then imagine, what on Earth are we still doing if we are not able to acquire and say anything? Communication holds our very lives, and we should grab a hold of it too, for if we were ever to loose this, life would be of no sense at all, believe me!


  53. Human communication is understood in various ways by those who identify with the field. This diversity is the result of communication being a relatively young field of study, composed of a very broad constituency of disciplines. It includes work taken from scholars of Rhetoric, Journalism, Sociology, Psychology, Anthropology, and Semiotics, among others. Cognate areas include biocommunication, which investigates communicative processes within and among non-humans such as bacteria, animals, fungi and plants, and information theory, which provides a mathematical model for measuring communication within and among systems.

    For me, communication is the simplest form to express the thing that you want to show how you feel. A simple communication model with a sender transferring a message containing information to a receiver.

  54. Communications defined as the expressing of thoughts and ideas. As we can notice even we are not attending school we can learn how to talk and communicate with other people. Communication is the easiest method of of expressing some ideas that you want way to be known by them. But it is the hardest method of saying your feelings to someone most especially when you are not confidence to yourselves. In dealing with other people the communication always exist because it needs for our conversation. It also serves as the way of having peace to our country. Communication is simply the way of understanding. It is also the most effective way of pleasing of someone’s mind. For the development of communication skills, we should always practice speak in English, reading some English books, try to write an English essay, poem, and short story to improve it.

    Vanessa S. Galeon
    BA Comm 1B

  55. Marvin A. Tagudin
    BA Communication 1A

    Communication can be best define as sharing and giving knowledge or
    information. Most of the people thought that communication can only be
    in oral or written form, but in fact communication can be express by
    other means. A little movement by our body can be communication, by
    just looking at the eyes of someone, you can convey a message. So from
    these, we can easily summarizes communication as an interaction between
    people that includes an exchaged of something. For me, communication
    makes the world go round. Why we have been born? Why we've the life?
    That is only because of communication. We are the product of the
    excellent communication skills of our parents. Why do we have a
    friend? girlfriend or boyfriend? that is also because of
    communication, you use your abilities in communicating so you
    earned friends. Every people all over the world and in the society is
    binded and connected together by one thing..... Communication. And I'm
    sure if the word communication and the act of communicating doesn't
    exist, I, you, all of us wouldn't also exist. And I think the Earth
    would plainly be monotonous and everyone is living only for himself.

  56. Communication is talking to someone by voice, sign language, phone, e-mail, etc. It means exchanging thoughts, feelings, information, greetings, questions, and answers. It is a skill in which a person develops his\her own capability of socializing to other people. You may classify a communication as verbal and non-verbal. If you are good to communicate to others, you can effectively understand each other. It’s a process whereby information is enclosed in a package and is channeled and imparted by a sender to a receiver via some medium. Communication is the way people express their feelings and emotions, or the way people send messages to each other. There must be a sender and a receiver for communication to occur. It is good when you are good in communicating with other people. While someone is talking you need to listen and it’s one way of respecting to him/her.

    Redgyn Saliendra
    BA COMM 1-B

  57. Jenny N. Valle
    B.A. Comm. 1B

    Communication? It is very important in our lives. Because all people knows about it and knows how to use this.And we know how to communicate because it is part of our lives.
    It is the best way to impart funny, inspirational, and important messages. It is also the best way to reveal some issue, even if it is good or bad,important or not, and even if it is the truth or just a lie. It is the best way to express what is inside your mind or even in your heart. It is the best way to share everything from you.
    Communication has different forms. You can express yourself in the form of speaking, writing or giving signals. As long as you can understand each other.

  58. Communication is the most important thing in this world to let us know what others want to say to us. It is used globally, internationally, and even me, I can use it when I’m alone. There is Verbal Communication which can be use to communicate to those people who are far from us. Example of this was, when we are texting, using Sign Language, writing poems, etc. If there is no Communication we cannot communicate to other people. If we didn’t notice communication is everywhere, whatever we do, we commit communication. But some people ruined communication, or using communication in a bad manner. Some persons are using communication to hurt feelings. Others use communication for their own sake, to steel other people’s idea and works, and to earn some money. I hope we use communication in a proper way, develop and enrich our skills in communication.

    BA COMM 1B

  59. Communication is the getting and giving of all kinds of information.The information can be anything from a shouted "Hi",to a friend.It can be a weather report or a speech of the president on television.It can be the words and music of a song.The information in the song can be communicated by a singer,or it can be printed or recorded.No one knows for sure when the first language was developed,but people have always communicated.The earliest human probably granted and pointed more than they actually spoke.Yet they must have been able to tell each other where to find food.,how to make single tools,and how to avoid danger.

    Today communication have their own different form.It can be in form of television,radio satellite and computer.Communication for today becomes were advance and reliable,because of the different technologies.

    Jonalyn P. Seño
    BA-Comm. I-B

  60. Communication is the process of interacting with other people or group of people through a medium- the voice and communicating device. We determine it as a very important tool in letting others know what we feel and think, managing a group, and uniting and convincing the people. Furthermore, this could serve as the key for the progress of our nation if and only if we will practice a good communication because unity may be achieved through this. It undergoes a cycle or a process; the sender will give the message to the receiver through a medium and the receiver will soon make and give his feedback. Communication is effective if the reaction of the receiver to the sent message is good and ineffective if he do not understand it clearly. This happens when there is a problem with the speaker, receiver, medium, surrounding, and even time. In order for it to be successful many things must be considered and observed.

    Reign Joy E. Sindac

  61. Communication according to the wikipedia is 'a process whereby the information is enclosed in a packaged and is channeled and imparted by a sender to a reciever via some medium'.
    But, for me Communication is simply the interaction with other person or individual.
    It can be in form of verbal or auditory are processes which is being said and spoken.
    Another form of communication is the non-verbal in which a person is saying a message that that is not using the form of speaking.
    An example of non-verbal communication is the body language, sign language, paralanguage, touch, eye contact, letters( or communication through writting) and texting.
    Baecause it is all about expressing one's ideas
    Communication can be anything that sends and recieves a message from an individual to another.
    The elements of communication should be present: the message, the channel,the sender and the reciever.
    As long as the reciever that is present in the action can understands what the sender wanted to say and can give answer or reaction it can still be called a form of communication.


  62. Regine B. Macawili
    BA Comm 1B
    October 9, 2010

    Communication is the art and technique of using words effectively to impart information or ideas.Communication covers everything in our life. Through the use of it we can express our feelings and show emotions to other people, with the help of communication we can interact with other people with different cultures easily. It help us to enhance our personality and boost up our self confidence. Thus we also had different types of communication processes. Verbal and Nonverbal communication. In Verbal Communication, we communicate through the use oral communication or it can also in the form of written. But the main purpose of communication is to send and receive messages that are needed in our everyday living. As what i am understand about communication it is all about that we do. Anything we do is a part of communication and probably called communication.


  63. Communication:
    In communication we have to listen with our heart to understand what is being explained.
    It is compost of communicating by the song, poem,pictures etc. We have to listen clearly with our heart because that is one of the essence in communicating. Their are new forms of communication right now because of our modern world. Today we are having a communication regarding the internet like in facebook and also in blogs. It is important because we are knowing something because of communication. Actually modern world today is definitely a big source of communication.

    Juliet A. Bas.
    BA-Communication I-B

  64. Have you ever imagine what would happen if there is no communication? Hard and boring, isn’t it?
    Communication, if we will define it literally, is the process by which we assign and convey meaning in an attempt to create shared understanding. And it is of two types, the verbal communication and the non verbal communication. Verbal skills encompass all forms of word usage while Non Verbal skills make use of symbols other than words to convey meaning. Either verbal or non verbal, we are using this everyday, in our family, school, work, etc. It is an effective way, to maintain a good relationship in the family. Communication is really needed in school to study our lessons, we can’t learn without this. And in our work, think what would happen without this. Yes life is vain without communication. It is an important matter in our everyday life. Let’s accept the fact that we can’t live without this. There would be no understanding. We cannot tell the people what we want to say and we can’t even show them what we want without communication. All in all, the word communication can be best defined as a bridge for the people to understand each other. It is an important matter to promote peace and harmonious interaction to all the people around the world.


    A way of exchanging of information of ideas.Everyone knows that communication has an important role in our life.We use communication in everyday of our life and through communication we can express our what we feel for someone by saying it.Communication is also used in explaining what idea on your mind.We can use communication through our speech.We can talk to anyone using verbal communication,we can easily interact to other people by using this.While showing some gestures or signs especially to those who cannot speak,we called this as nonverbal communication.To total it up, without communication we cannot easily say or express what we want.Communication is really important and useful to us.So we should improve more our skills on how we can communicate in other people.

    ..the art and technique of using words effectively to impart information or ideas.

    ..The field of study concerned with the transmission of information by various means, such as print or broadcasting.

    .. Any of various professions involved with the transmission of information, such as advertising, broadcasting, or journalism.

    Communication is used in our everyday life. When you talk and when you show your feelings in expressions.Its communication where we live in. To become aware of things.

    "Communication" , the world i choose to live in!!

    Mara Janel A. Imperial
    BA Comm IB

  67. Communication? Well, let’s put it this way …

    As a communication student (and I am proud of being one), communication is everywhere. Simple yet true! Try to go in a crowded place or in a park, you will surely see a lot of people communicating. Turn to your left, you will see a group of peers talking and in your right you will see a girl and a boy arguing about their relationship. See? Communication is really everywhere. Neither animals also communicate nor plants.
    Let’s now proceed…. as we all know communication is the ability of communicating of each of the person to others; the act of communicating to someone. And this can be done thru phones, sending a message, etc. See? As easy as that. Imagine, how are we if we don’t have this? We’re so blessed.
    Ooops! As a student of SLSU major in Communication, I would like to have a suggestion for those incoming students in college. Take a course of BA Communication and I can assure you that you will love this course. 

    Emagiel Anulao of BA Comm. I-B

  68. Joanna Marion N. Veluya
    BA-COMM 1B


    Communication is defined as a process by which we assign and meaning in an attempt to create shared understanding. This process requires a vast repertoire of skills in intrapersonal and interpersonal processing, listening, observing, speaking, questioning, analyzing, and evaluating. It requires that all parties have an area of communicative commonality. It is talking to someone by voice, sign language, phone, and e-mail. It also means exchanging thoughts, feelings, information, greetings, questions, and answers. Communication has become easier and faster thanks to modern inventions. In communication words can hurt or they can heal. So, it's very important to become aware of what words you choose to use when communicating to others as well as to yourself. Communication is also our window to basic literacy and academic excellence. Reaching levels of excellence of expression mandate mastery of formal English.

  69. "Communication for You and for Me"

    Communication is a process where understanding involves. Actually, it is the best way to understand what other feel or interpret what we would like to say or what we feel. In this process we transmit an idea, information, or a data Man is a rational to understand a simple communication. There are lots of techniques to communicate other, like using word, symbols, and languages, body languages, speaking and using our common sense.. In transporting the information, it is need to be clear and easy to understand. In old time the means of communication is writing a letter and deliver it to whom you want. But now, the means of communication is more comfortable and easy by using cell phones, email or chatting. We may be differ in our definition on communication but in the end we understand what really meaning of it.

    John Jimwell Atienza
    BAComm 1B

  70. For me as a student of communication student,I may describe the word of "COMMUNICATION" as a "LIFE".Why?Because this is already my life on my college years of my life now.And Its now in my hands now to study this Course now.Although my favorite subject is English,and it is related.It can also help me to know the meaning communicating to other people.

    Zyril Kristine P.Zuñiga

  71. Asking questions, texting, sign languages, watching tv, and reading print ads. Simple things that we used to it but had a great importance with each of everyone of us. We can't deny that we, the modern generation, enjoy ourselves texting with our love ones. Communication,exchanging of thoughts, is really a part of our daily lives. We never end our day without saying any word. Maybe some of you will say that deaf can't communicate. Your wrong, by sign language, hand and body gestures, they can communicate with others.
    Another form of it is by arts(dancing, singing, painting,etc.). Most artist perform not because of fame but to express their feeling in the way that they can make it more sincere.
    You, how can you express yourself?

    Eriz L. Comia
    BA- Comm 1-B

  72. Communication,the art and technique of using words effectively to impart information or ideas. A system, such as mail, telephone, or television, for sending and receiving message. You can refer it to a process of transfering information between individuals trough a common system of symbol,signs or behavior.
    Obviously related to our course, communication is a field of study concerned with the transmission of information by various means, such as print or broadcasting.Media as a better example of communication is an evolving process.Once you capture a message,communication had already exists.Printed ads and all written materials are also sort of communication.We can also express our thoughts through non-verbal or just a single action.Communication is also defined as an interpersonal rapport.
    It may be intentional or unintentional, may involve conventional or unconventional signals, may take linguistic or nonlinguistic forms, and may occur through spoken or other modes.

    Krizza F. Mercado
    BA-Comm 1B

  73. Communication,the art and technique of using words effectively to impart information or ideas. A system, such as mail, telephone, or television, for sending and receiving message. You can refer it to a process of transfering information between individuals trough a common system of symbol,signs or behavior.
    Obviously related to our course, communication is a field of study concerned with the transmission of information by various means, such as print or broadcasting.Media as a better example of communication is an evolving process.Once you capture a message,communication had already exists.Printed ads and all written materials are also sort of communication.We can also express our thoughts through non-verbal or just a single action.Communication is also defined as an interpersonal rapport.
    It may be intentional or unintentional, may involve conventional or unconventional signals, may take linguistic or nonlinguistic forms, and may occur through spoken or other modes.

    Krizza F. Mercado
    BA-Comm 1B

  74. At this moment, I am trying to communicate to you the idea that the essence of communication is getting the receiver and the sender “tuned” together for a particular message.It is the process of transmitting and receiving ideas, information, and messages. The rapid transmission of information over long distances and ready access to information have become conspicuous and important features of human society.

  75. As I know,Communication is the way of conveying informations, thoughts, experiences and knowledge to different people. Not only the people but all the living beings communicate what they want to, using their own language.Human beings also communicate what they find important to their partners and associated people using the language, being perceivable for the listener. Just after coming across exact significance of the communication, now you must be thinking over why is the communication important for the people.Communication helps us study, conduct research and achieve progress in different fields in order to accomplish target we determine ourselves.Communication is a process that started perhaps even before we knew how to write or spell the word "communication".So communication can be simply defined as a process by which information is exchanged between individuals through a common system of symbols, signs, or behavior.

    May AnnCaparros
    B.A Communication 1-B

  76. The definition of communication is shared in the Webster's Dictionary as "sending, giving, or exchanging information and ideas," which is often expressed non verbally and verbally. Non-verbal communication is the act of saying what's on your mind without speaking words. Verbal communication is the act of saying what's on your mind with words. This form of communication is often taken for granted. Communication requires that all parties have an area of communicative commonality. Communication can be classify as verbal, by which we can express our thoughts in terms of words with the medium of our voice. And also can be classify as non-verbal communication, which uses sign languages to express there feelings and thoughts.

    Ronald P. Asya
    BA Communication 1-B

  77. Am I communicating with you right now?

    Actually, I am... The very moment you're spending time reading this certain blog of mine, and you've reacted accordingly to how it should be,we're now communicating. Verbal, nonverbal or written messages are considered as a sign of Communication. Once you've transmitted informations and the receiver understood what you have said and she immediately laid an answer for it, communication finally takes place. The principle of communication applies not only to humans but also to all animals or other forms of life. As the sender formulated the message to be send,possible barriers may block the receiver to receive it clearly. That's another element of communication that may come from our surroundings or external barriers that bring unnecessary noises. Or it might also be the effect of the language you've used. Communicating doesn't only means, a live interaction with other living things. As I've said before, it can also happens through written o nonverbal aspects. As long as the exchange of information is mutual and not one sided, the essence of communication still applies.

    B.A. Communication 1-B

  78. We all know that communication is one of the most important thing in our life. Without communication We cannot understand each other.We can communicate to other person without saying any words. We called it as Non- Verbal communication. And We can communicate to other person and you can say whats on your mind through Verbal communication.

    We can communicate to other person through the use of pictures, graphics and so on.In our present time there are person who cannot speak. So in order them to communicate they make use of sign language,paralanguage,and eye contact.

    Kristy BAronia
    BA comm 1b


    it is the very word of the course that i am taking right now .. and for me the best definition of communication is to inform .. through communication one can spread latest updates about what's happening everywhere .. its simply having a conversation to one or more person and instantly right from that moment you are already informing and the same time you are being informed.

    On the other hand i could say that graphics , pictures and any other reading materials can also be a definition for communication because through these we can get some knowledge and information ..

    But whatever form of communication it is, the most important thing is that it should have n interaction between the communicator and the listener .. in that way you can say that the communication is effective !

  80. "Communication nowadays can be express in many ways"

    Like when talking to each other it is the usual way. Chatting with your friends in the internet is become an easy way. Writing a letter to someone is one of the old way. And the most popular nowadays is can really see that every people have their cellphone in their hand,pocket or bag.

    Because of these ways communication is been very easy so people didn't have to suffer of long communication process.

    Hiedee R. Salva
    BA Comm1-B


    Communication was the most important skill in any field. There are resources that can help to develop communication skills. Communicating to one another is the largest part of being performed in daily routine in the society. At our early stage of our life, we start to learn how to communicate to one another. Communication can be act upon in many ways. It can be in verbal communication or non-verbal communication. Nowadays, technology has steps forward and has produced new forms of and ideas about communication. There are also some obstructions in communications, likewise in using gadgets that receives too many message and it can be a cause of receiving late messages. Without communication our process of having conversation to one another would be very difficult. It has been so valuable of having communication and this communication inspire me to take this as a course.

    Alexander D. Maribbay Jr.
    BA Communication I-A

  82. Communication is the best way to send information and thoughts on other people. It is a very important aspect in life.There are many usage of communication like for example is for our daily conversation on different people. There are many different devices and things use in communicating. Nowadays there almost millions of devices that we can use for communication such as cellphone, computers and more. But for me the best way of communicating is by talking.


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  84. For me communication is the process of transmitting the ideas. It is giving or exchange of information by means of writing or gesture. As we all know communication is important in expressing ideas and opinion. Without communication we are not able to have conversation to the other people.

    Ronald Aldwin C. Cortes
    BA-Comm I-B

  85. The best shot in arms is encouragement and that lesson I've learn from my teacher in high school. They are the one who influence the lives of many students. This commercial is all about a student who influence by his teacher to be strong to fulfill all his dreams . His teacher trying her best to help him . If we fail try again and again because there is always a second chance and everything happen for a reason. I can say that we are lucky to have a teacher who teach us to be good and a productive student. I am proud to have all of them.


    This story was very touching. As a future educator we need to know what is wrong about our students because sometimes they are suffer with a family problem and most of all financial problem.And it can cause to the students when it comes to their study.As a teacher we need to inspired our students so that they will know what study is all about.When I was a high school student I have a teacher who is very concerned about their student and because of that i inspired of him. He always say that "poverty is not an excuse to success" And I'm so thankful that I have a teacher like that. And I hope that who ever seen this film will fell the same.

  87. Did you try They know how to do an amazing essay.